achy breaky heart line dance filipino

%�쏢 Choreographed by Melanie Greenwood. <> 5 0 obj *a���Q���W�LT�Q������7�?� Achy Breaky Heart Choreographed by Melanie Greenwood Description: 32 count, 4 wall line dance Music: Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus Start dancing on lyrics VINE RIGHT AND HOLD, HIP BUMPS AND HOLD 1-4 Step right to side, cross left behind right, step right to side, hold 5-8 Bump hips left, right, left, hold (weight to left) 2: Left foot step behind right leg … ��צ�\N�vS|�IN�ѕvrʙ?������\oQ��.b;��z����?��E�%�����/��k��Y�e~f�Y� %�Kǎ����V�Z�O��Iӎ��q�~_���9��žݔ��9��so?ţ�[�7%w�d?��rg~��uv�aM?�2�X�����eɒ̬��WqOoJ&�0���D�Ϫ:{⨚�aV���zZ:%0�O�G�:�JL��U)��:���j2�y�"m�:�$�앑Y������-�����D�ߞ��x[wD�]9�r��. Achy Breaky Heart. Achy Breaky Heart. Posted on Autor. Description: 32 count, line dance: Music: Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus: VINE TO THE RIGHT AND HOLD: 1: Right foot step to the right. x��[Ys�~篘�pR����7_eo��ndy��̓DRG,��(Y����o���!)Yv�6�*g�����sQW\��K���䇽�8^O|u��2.�'�'�bJ��W����x�o������ф�V�ZWuk�V4��������I�U%���˙�8k����3]5Jj1�-�ΚiQ�d�jm�O�T�,g��l�tY�J5̈�A.}�9oK. %PDF-1.3 stream V� �J3f{�ba7��l�� ��V��OWP�,SiiKB�-�ͬ�Z�����x�;r�� ����R���NPY�LU�i��*o�L��O�ح�C�B����Y��~�B;*��%�v3-ќi�70��E�s��?���� �����B^�


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