arcadia university student reviews

Please leave your information to get the best suggested colleges and free counseling. Arcadia is a smoking campus and there is a decent chance that you'll be roomed with a smoker. Deadline for application submissions. They are also #1 in study abroad so I thought I might take the opportunity to study in another country. The professor/student relationship is great, however, everything else is absolutely terrible. The food here is rarely edible, occasionally once a month there is something we all can stomach. Another issue I had had is the administration and their lack of caring for the adjunct professors. Get suggested colleges and free counseling. When you study at that particular university abroad, Arcadia will still charge you $40,000 and will pocket the $30,000. To be honest, the community college of Philadelphia has better lab equipments than Arcadia. The charges for an academic year for rooming accommodations and meals for a typical student. I learned all about the southeast Asian culture while also having an awesome time in a country I would not have traveled to otherwise. Does the institution provide on-campus housing? I love it here! If they aren't, they're out. Total number of complete undergraduate programs offered online or through distance learning. I was actually shocked at how good the food on campus was when I first arrived. Despite being a small (kind of gross) campus, with an even smaller student body, Arcadia has picked out the best of biology professors in the area. Another tip is if you are struggling in a subject, do not be afraid to ask for help. Dare to venture out and make the kinds of friends that are actually good for you because that's when you'll start having fun at Arcadia. No real events or social life. This school attempts to push a plethora of radical liberal ideologies to the point that it is absolutely unbearable. There's a lot of different clubs (slightly over 60, if I remember right), and people are very friendly. It feels like a high school. We have an active theater and music department, and one of our clubs always has events every Friday and Saturday, so something is always going on. In the 2017/2018 school year the student to faculty ratio was 10:1. Use the SEPTA Trip Planner to plan your route. It gives you an opportunity to meet people, that is, if people haven’t formed their friend groups yet. The course curriculum is well suited for every department. For full details, please click here. "Students still party," but "they simply find their own scene." It's a complete waste of money. The Average Federal loan taken by students is around $5,536. There is a beautiful campus with a huge green grass area, and no one can miss the beautiful architecture of the castle, inside and out. Arcadia University is an excellent school and although it wasn’t my first choice of school, is a school that I’m proud to attend. It is a small enough campus to where you recognize everyone you pass on your way to class, but you might not know their name.

I'm shocked at the variety and multitude of excellent teachers and advisors at Arcadia University. Cost of attendance minus any grants and scholarships received. A year ago they plan to fire 14 professors including these two professors but the new president overruled the decision. Everybody is really chill and there aren't really many mean or annoying people. It has a strong alumni base of more than 26,000. The biggest advantage Arcadia compared to other universities is their study abroad program. While still in school, there were issues with administration, but it seems like improvements have been made while under new leadership. Arcadia University is a pioneer in international education. The Chat, which is another food area besides the dining hall, has the best overall food. Overall Arcadia is a great school.

Most students know each other, and while that may give it a homey feel to some, it could create a sense of claustrophobia for others. There are a lot a extra activities to participate in. Classes are small, and there are many chances for "one-on-one attention from professors." The institution has several dining and meal plan options available to students and the average meal plan cost is around As everything in life does, Arcadia has its pros and cons. There are some faults in this area, but there are benefits to the price of tuition as well. I enjoy my time at Arcadia University. My advice is this for incoming students to help you get the most joy out of your freshman year; avoid people that drink and do drugs, because that's all they do, and if that's not the kind of lifestyle you want then you won't have ANY fun. The charges for an academic year for rooming accommodations and meals for a typical student. The location is great if you like the small campus feeling. "People…have their own styles," at Arcadia, and "that's a part of what makes Arcadia great." That's what I was concerned about. I believe this now. Any student really, they really are accustomed to all types of students. We have multiple career fairs, constant resume help, and other connections and resources to help students find jobs and figure out their future path. Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus. Though there are parties, no one pressures you to do anything, and there are much more students not partying then those who do party. The staff, or at least the professors I've had, have made college seem as though it was a repeat of high school, as they will baby you and spend days upon days teaching simple tasks, such as MLA, or how to cite an essay. The campus is quite small and the people are absolutely amazing. Arcadia is a university that prides itself on inclusivity. The school prides itself on being the best in study abroad, and there are so many opportunities to go abroad. We're not in the city, but we are still close enough to the city.


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