best korean action movies

this exceptional axe fight), not to mention extremely not-safe-for-work plot elements. 21. Cha lives a quiet life as a pawn shop owner; his only friend is a young girl named So-mi who lives next door. While even some of the most seemingly straightforward South Korean action films can veer off on tangents that infuriate the uninitiated, The City of Violence is the definition of lean and mean. The movie’s main character is Eom Jong-hoo (played by Kim Yoon-seok), a former police detective who’s now a pimp.

Thanks for showing this list. Also, since Kim Sang-jin’s Attack the Gas Station! Burning The Berlin File

Best Korean Action Movies. While it doesn’t reach classic status, this action flick swept Korea’s box office upon its release. As they try and find the traveller and get hold of the map, they get into several high-action scenes that display the mastery of Koreans in the genre. This Buddhist allegory is his best film, commenting on the changing of the seasons as a monk returns to a sparsely populated monastery at different stages of his life and reflects on the passage of time. The Very Best Oscar-Winning Movies For Best Picture. 19. Instead, it was able to make the specials powers an integral part of the story rather than the be-all and end-all of the narrative. It helped put Korean cinema on the map, and further solidified the careers of director Park Chan-wook and lead actor Choi Min-sik. There were so many elements and opportunities for the director to stir the whole movie into a place where it will all be emotional and beautiful but predictable. Here are 10 cracking titles to bring you up to speed. If you haven’t seen Oldboy yet, you’re missing out — it’s one of the best (and most well-known) Korean movies of all time. I’m including Kim Joo-hwan’s supernatural thriller only because it’s about a Catholic priest and an MMA champion with stigmata who team up to defeat a demon prince. The movie could have easily exploited the “special powers” angle. Local detective Park Doo-man finds himself overwhelmed when a girl is found dead and mutilated. That movie was truly disturbing. More importantly, the action director and the actors were able to carry out believable action sequences unparalleled even by Hollywood.

Featuring horror, action, comedy, thriller, and more, this list of 2019 Korean films includes new Korean movies in theaters and streaming now on Netflix, Hulu, Viki, and Amazon Prime. A mind-bending neo-noir thriller film that has to be on your binge-watch list. It’s intelligent. The Berlin File contains gunfights, fistfights, rooftop chases, large explosions, and pretty much anything you’d expect from a top-notch spy movie. A Tale of Two Sisters The Man From Nowhere That’s what the movie is. The cause of this list deserves a place high up on it. Getting by more on guts than brains, he has incurred pay penalties for using excessive force to interrogate suspects, but is by no means a ‘bad cop’ – he just looks and occasionally behaves like one. Kim would return to the western with The Last Stand (2013), his contemporary-set Hollywood debut, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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