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That allows your team to go one by one and scout out three different potential … Yet here she is trying to tear him back down but she’s talking about a Diego that was 5 years ago and he’s wondering when she will forgive him and let him live his life or in 2 years he will be accused again and have to defend himself when he just wants to game. He then goes on to talk about Stage Kissing. People have awfully bad break ups.

The key thing for me is that all of her narrative seems to stem for the foregone conclusion that Diego is an evil sadist with the ugliest intentions (basically the devil).

THREE instances of free safe info gathering: This was mentioned by CLG Nokoko, in that Revenants ultimate 30 second duration/lifetime is refreshed every time a new teammate uses it.

He finishes the video by again mentioning her manager isn’t his. He addresses everything well and is guilty of nothing other than having an ex-girlfriend.

When I watched Shannon's video I immediately google searched "TSM Diego stage kissing". That allows your team to go one by one and scout out three different potential …

He did not draw pleasure from this experience. And Shannon made the claim that Diego knew all of this was about to go down. Respawn has nothing to do with competitive side of Apex. Even if his two abilities didn't tell the enemy where you are, they would still be considered garbage, but they do tell the enemy where you are, so they're even worse than being worthless.

I've done things I regret, not like this shit, and try not to hold myself to them as if they define me. If it wasn't them, someone else would be doing it. He claims he does this all the time, including at school when getting in trouble.

Everything in this tier list is Diegosaur's word, and nothing in here is my personal opinion.

I tried to be as close to Diego's stated opinions as possible and to be clear when I'm inferring or unsure. This is so true!

Shannon called Diego “charming and manipulative” and Diego said something like “why do you have to do that? exactly what i was thinking when i saw the video. He won’t take responsibility for her being assaulted because he didn’t know about it or what the girl was capable of. Unless it comes out that he did something more, this isn't a case of pedophilia.

in esports it means the perceived best and most popular comp/characters being played. It doesn't change if the parents give consent. Who knows. I have been streaming for a little over 6+ years, I play on PC and mostly play shooters. I, personally, don't have an interest in watching his content but that does not mean others shouldn't.

A big drawback to Bang as a character is just never knowing whether or not the other team has a digi-threat and whether you'd be giving them an advantage, basically making smokes too risky to use at all, and making any other character more viable in her place considering you're never using the smokes.

I'm sure many of us have had situations with exes where it goes from them literally being perfect in our eyes, we breakup, and now we only see them negatively. But that might be too wishful thinking given the track record of EA with FIFA esports. THREE instances of free safe info gathering: This was mentioned by CLG Nokoko, in that Revenants ultimate 30 second duration/lifetime is refreshed every time a new teammate uses it. But no, it messes with your visuals and makes a ton of noise. I try to bring the most energy, hype, and overall fun to every stream that I have as well as bringing high tier gameplay! It doesn't matter if the adult has no romantic intentions. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Welcome to the competitive part of the Outlands, Legends.

He admits that in hindsight it was a bad idea because of the personal attacks against Shannon but at the time it made sense. It's not even practice at that point, The tournament of tomorrow is goin to be in WE, KC or both? Good point brought up is that these pictures are still up on insta by these fans and they personally haven't come out to say anything if they are supposed to be the victims. He forgave himself for it and imo, you generally have to forgive yourself to some extent for any wrongs you have done in life in order to maintain a healthy mind.

Shannon claimed Diego woke up late and he admits he did but it wasn’t on purpose. Constantly raiding someone challenge to harass this person in order to get his number IS NOT OK. More posts from the CompetitiveApex community.

Especially when it was 4-5 years ago and he's matured/realized it was creepy.

FNCS Trios Warmup Sep. 24. There’d be 200-300 people requesting different types of pictures. Him saying that he had no sexual desire to kiss them does not make it ok. At the start of the video I shared at the top, he is asked by what I presume is a fan if he still does fake kissing pictures. He doesn't deserve to have any repurcussions from this. TSM dropping him is bullshit doh imo and they sure lost my support. And Shannon claimed “the #1 thing he does is these stage kisses” and that’s not true.

media in tweet:, NRG_rocker's tweet that's relevant to this post:, patiently waiting for the GLL bootlickers on this sub to unironically defend this absolutely incompetent organization, I don't play this game competitively I just climb up some ranks till I am satisfied but afaik when first ring closes there should be at least 15 squads alive? Nokoko is an open-access journal promoting dialogue, discourse and debate on Pan-Africanism, Africa, and Africana.


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