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Figure 6 shows the best tracks from both Irwin and Jova.

Probability of seas exceeding 12 ft in the vicinity of Hurricane Irwin (hurricane symbol) and Tropical Storm Jova (tropical storm symbol), in the 0000 UTC 8 Oct 2011 runs of the (left) NCEP-WES and (right) NFCENS 0-h forecast. Station Siting and U.S. Altimeter measurements of Hs provide a vantage point from which a comparative performance assessment of ensemble forecasts from NCEP-WES, FNMOC-WES, and NFCENS can be made on a global scale. The initial conditions for the FNMOC-GEFS are produced by the Navy Atmospheric Variational Data Assimilation System-Accelerated Representer, a four-dimensional variational data assimilation system (Xu et al. In particular, increasing the ensemble size is expected to add value for less predictable events (e.g., Richardson 2001; Mullen and Buizza 2002). Near the coast, bottom friction is modeled using the Joint North Sea Wave Project (JONSWAP) parameterization (Hasselmann et al. The white cross-hatched areas over each brightly colored wave field depict the NHC analyzed 12-ft Hs contour, while the red points show the NHC best-track positions of the tropical cyclones. Proc. The NFCENS mean Hs is displayed as a dashed red line. The effects of these changes on the NCEP-WES will be assessed after the latter system is upgraded to reflect the recent GEFS upgrades, in the near future. Ensemble forecasting at NMC: The generation of perturbations, Initial perturbations based on the ensemble transform (ET) technique in the NCEP Global Operational Forecast System. These outcomes are expected to be of great benefits to marine safety, the environment, the economy, and society. The same 20 members are used for update cycles and full forecasts for one day, and then are rotated to another group of 20 members for the next day. Computed estimates of mean errors, ability to represent uncertainty, and reliability of probabilistic forecasts indicate that the multicenter ensemble product outperforms individual WES and deterministic wave models alike. Thereafter, 20 of these members continue the forecast out to 16 days. 2005). NAWES will consist of an expansion of the NFCENS to include WES data from Environment Canada. Figures used to illustrate the case studies reproduce the actual real-time, computer-based graphics display of wave data used by forecasters at NHC. images_FNMOC godae_text_logo.png. Indicated data points A (05°S, 115°W) and B (11°N, 88°W) are used to compare model output from diverse wave forcing mechanisms. Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch contribution 312. The FNMOC-WES i s composed of 20 WAVEWATCH III members, forced by the 20 FNMOC-GEFS forecast members, so it also “cycles” through the 80 FNMOC-GEFS members every 2 days. First THORPEX International Science Symp. Ultimately, after testing and operational implementation, this will lead to NAWES being fully integrated to NAEFS, complying fully in its governance in terms of data exchange, post-processing, product development, and verification. In 1958, the Navy Numerical Weather Problems (NANWEP) group was established in Suitland, MD. Observations from the NDBC buoys are plotted in purple. The U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC) have joined forces to establish a first global multicenter ensemble system dedicated to probabilistic forecasts of windwave heights. FNMOC is an echelon IV command aligned under the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (COMNAVMETOCCOM) or CNMOC.
The NCEP–FNMOC multicenter wind-wave ensemble system (NFCENS) was made operational at NCEP on 1 November 2011. The NFCENS Hs data had more variability, providing a more reliable basis for the analyses made at the NHC. At both buoys, the early dominant component of observed sea state consisted of swell originating well north of the buoy. Upgrades to the NCEP-WES followed closely the upgrades to resolution, number of daily cycles, and forecast horizon that were applied to the NCEP-GEFS.

While these servers don't have Navy HYCOM directly, they provide access to Global RTOFS data, which is derived from HYCOM, at the Global RTOFS High Resolution Ocean Model page. At the same time, several lines of research will be undertaken individually and jointly at NCEP, FNMOC, and EC to investigate ways to increase the reliability of WES products and expand their usefulness to the marine forecasting community. The first step into future developments of the NFCENS will be the establishment of NAWES, planned to become operational by 2014. (2012) demonstrated that the combination of model output and recent observations can be used to derive probabilistic forecasting of the wave energy flux.

Similarly, output products made available at NOAA/NCEP consist of 10-day forecasts of Hs for each of the NFCENS members, the ensemble-mean Hs, the combined ensemble spread, and probabilities of Hs exceeding eight levels (1, 2, 3, 4, 5.5, 7, and 9 m). For NHC's sea-state forecasts, there are two key Hs thresholds and associated products: seas 8 ft or higher that are identified in high-seas forecast products and 12-ft sea radii that are a component of the forecast/advisory products for tropical cyclones. Initially, governance of NAWES will be established on the basis of the successful cooperation of NCEP, FNMOC, and EC in creating a multicenter atmospheric model ensemble system, the North American Ensemble Forecast System. In 2006, the BV method was upgraded with the use of ensemble transform and rescaling (BVETR), as described in Wei et al.


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