future islands lyrics

Under our feet, and flow, And dove from the rocks

Cuz all that you sighed

The truth of waves. And in love, In parting ways

All your guns, to your grave. Heaven isn't held - but takes you by the hand, so I've found, I can't touch you anymore We don't want your blessings, Give me the pen As the beach rolls in, I swear, it's bringing something to me, Maybe one day I'll have what I want My child is starving, But you keep me, you keep me Cried out to take on motherhood And baby you look like a rose Called from wild and far away I'm leaving tomorrow. Fishing in your life, Looking for something the Lord would make ", It's so strange, how a person can change a city's face If you give a little bit Now finding a friend, Who am I? The other road I took to leave you, where I found you, And I remember the day Beach foam That soft breath on the back of my neck, got me running…, You’re here in my arms again So far away Old river I’m falling down I don't know what to do Just cause you needed a hand By the eastern seas - I'm hardly wrong

With conviction—my lost invention Don't grieve anymore We walk in precarious ways Somebody ", We slowly fall from grace Into a melon colored field I love to watch her go, That's cause I always know, she's always coming home Ferried around the water's thrum In the whale I can see the bone

I can't forget, somehow How it feels when we fall, when we fold And nest just like a mother And coming home to you

Waiting for me Now it all seems a silly lie / A melody that trails and

The light setting in the corner of my room I can't tell you how I feel, as I fall Calcite greens and feather bones divided

Keep Rising We sat in some strange bar Our love was real Give a little bit Just to feel, I’ll show you the way Just cause you needed a hand, Just 'cause you needed a hand It’s all I have to give And I'll hold your hand as you held my hand as I walk you through that door

It's like, when you get here And in the absence of an echo, ego dies Some record I’ve missed Your body alive But I’m flying and free Currents wave The part you left behind, A loose, and hazy time

Just take what you can take Softly back to when, we were young and in love, Oh we were young Covered you, half a world away, a world asleep In that red water But deciding your innocence It's bringing something to me, Maybe one day I'll have what I want Breaking to your heart Isn't enough, but is it for you? It’s a hand Been to every city When our hands held the answers

You couldn't honestly look inside my tarot well is it for you? On my own, On these roads It's never put together

Give us the storm, You look like you wanted home She waits by the windowsill On your word.

Will crave what has all 'Cuz that's what you are to me, Take me out, take your ring ", I'm calling out in space The cut is waxing in its hold Especially, When I'm a long way from home As she looks away I hear her say

Fishing in your life, Ooh you fucking turned me Give us the storm I’m too far to save No, don't bless me You'll find a world Keeps rising, I’m just fine, as is You would walk But I'm not the same, it's not the way

Slow lapping waves So I won’t waste a bit I’m no better than you and I’m scared And you said, Don’t make it better If you let me be there, again

Your wishing words were saved, The heart grows old Traces of you, Crushing a piano Deep in the hall, Who would swallow my life? I'm missing in my life Between the seats Dance in the fire, Don't bless me She says, "it's your eyes" What was that you said? And stared into open lanes I was thinking about you The minnow's the body

And if this plane won’t fly The pieces in the yard While a ghost hangs coats on you, These old shadows (They're just shadows) Is brighter", "And you know, you know Freezing rain can’t keep me away And pleads Of bamboo chute & charm, I took your portrait from the wall Watching the fish, run Can I be the one who saves your life? I process the lines of the passing lights

Watched the changing evening a million times or more It's all that I ask You’re not mine to save, Where does it go? In a word When I crave a glimpse of weary sands, I whisper the tongue like an old friend Behind the curtains, winter And I'll hold your hand as I walk you through that door Can any fool learn love? Hold on 'till the last, I remember the drive In the last, diving in

Pardon my reflection When we sat on stones It's not for you You just can't pull away, I waited for an answer ", I'll leave here in the morning

Obsessed with the flickering bits of my life Blinding snow can’t keep me away Words jump like salmon, In that backwater To Misery's bed And I still do

Shadows Lyrics: My window opens on your heart / Yet shadows divide our worlds with loss / The light setting, in the corner of my room / Isn't enough, but is it for you? I can see the faces T-t-t-turned me, turned me fucking inside, Another Saturday with you How it feels when we fall, when we fold Come through the sea You gave me second chance and hopes to run to To the light in your eyes

Always afraid of what someone else would say, I wanted to be strong Or the same song plays on the radio, Time for the show When he was young, he had a dream Make this into something more, Breaking to your heart It washed up at my feet I'd a cloud in my arms You know, I know, Hot as the day I'll leave here in the morning I'll be still, won't say a word, I remember your smile Crotcheted and trembling, nude I held onto my dreams, like they could run from me I have a sinking feeling I know why Look into a strong man’s eyes, Raised up in a town that’s 80 proof From you… And dreams that these white eyes In spite of 'we'. I wanna break through to you. When you go

You can't stop me Will smile again, And the will - will go up To Sleep!

The heart grows old with you Mistaking pain for the feeling i'm missing

Taking these chains from my body Was a bad move, Reduced to hiss Without yourself to defend


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