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Select your first PIN or change your current PIN, Report a problem with a purchase or withdrawal, 16-digit or 19-digit number printed on the front of your Illinois Link card, or your 4-digit PIN.

1-866-324-5553 TTY, We hope you like our new design. At any time, and for any lawful government purpose, the government may, without notice, monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system. It is protected by various provisions of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1030, and other federal or state criminal and civil laws. 1-866-324-5553 TTY, We hope you like our new design. Please login to continue. IDHS Help Line 1-800-843-6154 1-866-324-5553 TTY We hope you like our new design. Guide to DHS Statistics. When you call the Help Line, if you do not have your card number, do not enter anything and wait until you are asked if you would like to use your social security number, date of birth and PIN. Illinois' Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) has three portals to support customers with their benefits: It also has a Partner Portal for MPE providers and All Kids Application Agents to allow agencies assisting customers to submit applications and information more easily. Proof documents - you will need a copy of one (1) document from Column A or two (2) documents from Column B from the list of Acceptable Identity Proofing Documents. Allows providers, as ABE partners, to create an account in ABE and submit applications through the Partner account. web site.

Select and download the datasets that meet your analysis needs. If you have any questions about the website, please email, © 2020 Illinois Department of Human Services, Apply for Cash, SNAP & Medical Assistance, Change My Address, Income or Assets for Cash, SNAP and/or Medical Customers, Become an Illinois Link Provider and Accept SNAP at my Business, Apply for Cash, SNAP & Medical Assistance. The Online Guide to DHS Statistics is a reference to help users who work with DHS survey indicators.

Use your (Outlook) username and password. New to analyzing DHS data? Grace B. Hou, Secretary.

Illinois Department of Human Services. Anyone who accesses a Federal computer system without authorization or exceeds their access authority, and by any means of such conduct obtains, alters, damages, destroys, or discloses information, or prevents authorized use of information on the computer, may be subject to fine or imprisonment, or both. information about those benefits is also available below. Access Malaria Indicator Survey datasets and documentation for malaria researchers. Grace B. Hou, Secretary IDHS Office Locator.

You will need to Log In to return to the page you were on. Para acceder a una solicitud de prestaciones en español, por favor haga clic aquí. Data are provided at the sub-national level in shapefiles.

Must not be the same as the past 12 passwords. Please schedule an appointment online before you visit to conduct business with IDHS. If you have any questions about the website, please email, © 2020 Illinois Department of Human Services, Family & Community Services Provider Information, IES Access and Support Center for Partners and DHS/HFS Non-FCRCs/AKU, Quick Guide to Setting up MMC (English) (pdf), Quick Guide to Setting up MMC (Spanish) (pdf), The social security number and date of birth are usually for the primary card holder, but may be for someone else in the case. Must contain characters from three of the following four categories: English uppercase characters (A through Z), English lowercase characters (a through z), Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %). Oklahoma DHS Production: Version: User ID Password Change your password: Forgot password? Download details of the construction of the wealth index for each survey. If you are an MPE provider or AKAA, refer to the user manuals. The OKDHSLive! Tell us your story. Remember Me?

Step-by-step guidelines for dataset users from registration to dataset analysis. When you are ready to delve into the dataset, variable definitions, recode manuals, and questionnaires are essential.

Someone will be happy to assist you. Every effort is made to ensure the quality, integrity, and utility of the information on this site while ensuring privacy and security. 1-800-843-6154 The OKDHSLive! A five module tutorial with accompanying example in Stata and SPSS about the DHS Contraceptive Calendar data. web site.

Violations of Title 18 are subject to criminal prosecution in federal court. Must not contain the user's Account Name or Full Name. IPUMS-DHS New Users Register. You may also use this web site to renew your eligibility Compare data across countries and trends over time for hundreds of population, health and nutrition indicators. DHS User Forum. Download the free DHS Program mobile app that provides major indicators for DHS surveys at your fingertips. If you have any questions about the website, please email, © 2020 Illinois Department of Human Services, Streamlined Auditing (HB 5124) Committee Collaboration (SharePoint) website, State of Illinois CMS Identity Management System. Grace B. Hou, Secretary, There are two ways to manage your Illinois Link Account. Listen for the language options of English, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, or Urdu. The customer can submit requests directly to the Bureau of Hearings for continuances, withdrawls, etc. Supporting documents can also be uploaded after the application is signed and submitted. Discover discussions regarding The DHS Program data and results.

Illinois Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Link Card.


You may download model datasets files for practice analysis without registering.

A step-by-step guide to DHS data analysis. Grace B. Hou, Secretary IDHS Office Locator. Don't have one?

To speak your responses, wait through the prompts until asked to speak your 16-digit or 19-digit card number. Passwords for all users expire every 60 days.


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