karen the walking dead

Norris • Karen asks for proof of the supplies before hearing him out, and Ray acknowledges he thought they might ask that.

The man chastises them for walking into his 'territory' before admitting they got off on the wrong foot. Arat • Copyright © 2020 by NBC Universal, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The group arrives at a small house situated in the woods around sunset. Karen's Mother † Natalie • Ron • Nora • Michelle • Nelly • Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) managed to figure it out, asking Carol point blank at the end of the episode if she did it, something she confirmed. Alex • Justin • •

Finn uses this as an excuse to jump in and ask if Mal is actually going to help them search instead of telling them what to do while giving them no reason to trust him. The group walk through a forest during their search for supplies.

Martin • Alex, Steven • When Mal explains she is trying to listen for walkers, Karen agrees that they should perhaps be quiet.

David •

Mel • Finn says this is a poor reason, and recalls how Mal tried to kill him and would have done had he possessed the bullets, but Mal responds that Finn actively told him to do it. Karen has been widely recognized for her role in the AMC hit television show "Fear the Walking Dead"(2016-2017) as axe -wielding Elena Reyes a problem-solver who had to make a terrible decision in the gripping cold open. Anna •

Karen suspects Finn was not always that way, and his attitude is possibly the result of a traumatic experience.

Olivia • Frankie • The trio unite with Annie who is keeping watch. Noah • Dinesh • Karen • Karen unties his binds and the man stands up as she knocks on the door to let Mal know they are done. Natania, Anne •

Thanks to this, the man trusts her far more than Finn, going as far as to give her a knife to defend herself with when they agree to search for supplies together. Karen wakes Finn the following day, telling him that they'll cover more ground if they leave earlier.

Aiden •

Karen thinks he's joking and double checks with Annie, who is already laughing at what Mal has said.

Amber • Daryl • Gavin • Flame • Mika • Connie • O'Donnell •

Gabe • Isabelle •

She tells Ray that she only met Mal recently and she isn't Finn's type – Ray agrees with the latter point, then looks over the woman's shoulder as Mal arrives in the kitchen and asks Karen to round up the kids. When Finn approaches him, the scavenger pushes him downhill.

The person who killed Karen and David was revealed on Sunday night’s episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”, (SPOILER ALERT!

Ed •

Inside the house, Ray tells Karen and Mal to take a seat, then sends Austin to the kitchen to fix some food. Dawn • Mal explains there are no signs of people but they left the tents, so the group is likely dead and they hopefully left all their supplies. Karen wakes up inside the truck, and is approached by the male bandit as she sits up.

Joe • Betsy • Russ •

Clara, Hund •

Luke • Cheryl • Keno • Nelson • Hilde • For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our. Karen ist eine Überlebende des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Gregory •

Henry • It's implied she can be a bit scatterbrained when it comes to high-pressure situations and relies on "vibes" instead of logical reasoning to guide her. Morales • Ben •

When asked,Finn says he has no choice but to come as Mal has his gun and Karen has the remainder of his supplies, expressing extreme distaste towards being capitulated and going as far as to call Ray's daughter a brat he has no reason to care about.

Mary • They planned an escape, but in a resulting struggle Phoebe was captured. Callaway, Axel • You know?”. Karen is an optimistic young woman, to the point where her attempts at positivity grate on the more realistic Finn. Tyreese • The bandit considers her request and says he is inclined to agree if they do things his way. Felipe • Louise •

Kelly •

He emphasises how he has supplies and his elder son begs for their help, which secures Karen's sympathy.

Molly • Adam •

Lance • Finn says it doesn't look like much, but Mal tells him he is wrong and asks Annie to explain.
Tony • You die, you’re a threat.’ And there’s so much going on in the prison right now and these deaths from the flu are immediate, practically, and there is no cure in sight,” Melissa said of the hints that came before the big reveal.
Helen, Cyrus • Tony • Karen is a main character in The Walking Dead: Haven. Aliyah • Karen tries to alleviate his concerns by saying they're basically all working towards the same goal, but Finn notes that Mal said a similar thing to him earlier.

Primo • Annie begins to ask everyone to be quiet, and reluctantly finishes her sentence as the trio are alerted to the sound of a pack of walkers.

Scott • Looking at Mal, Karen asks Finn not to cause trouble, and Finn says once they're done they can leave.

Michael • Lizzie • Eduardo • Bill • Ethan, Ezekiel • Milo • Karen agrees half-heartedly, which makes Finn glare at her with irritation.

Mrs. Foster • Tammy Rose • After taking a sip himself, he passes the rum to Karen, then restrains himself and asks if she's twenty-one. Rufus • O'Hara • He unsheathes his knife and gives it to Karen as a symbol of trust, and Annie tells Finn he doesn't get anything because he's 'annoying'. Kal • Henry • Dale •

If you haven’t yet watched Episode 403, bookmark this article and return after watching.).

Karen has made a travelling companion out of Finn, a man she'd come into contact with at a previous settlement where she'd lived called Cedarbrook. This material may not be republished, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Karen explains and the two share a laugh as Mal grumbles to himself about how he spent four years at the University of Washington getting a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Mike • Brady • Oscar • Socorro • PHOTOS: ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters Who’ve Died On The Show. Once the walkers are dealt with Karen and Annie approach Mal and Finn. Stacy • Shawn • Mrs. Robinson •

Mal returns and says the building is clear, and Karen asks what happened to the people. The Walking Dead (TV) Wiki ist eine FANDOM-TV-Community.

Warren • She possibly is the mother of Noah and Tyeerese's girlfriend. Mal intervenes and attempts to silence the two. Heading outside, Mal approaches one of the walkers and reaches for his knife – then realises he previously gave it to Karen. Theodore • Tobin •

Rodney • Karen asks what happened to Ray's daughter, and the man tells them 'bad people' are holding her hostage – adding that if they agree to help him he'll take them to a place where they can discuss everything in full.


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