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I don't want to order you a six and then you're gonna tell me, a week after I get it for you, I need a ten.

A monster has been coming across the Golden Gate Bridge at night and attacking the city of San Francisco. Either way, Satan doesn’t want his daughter to have anything to do with the guy, which is at least one reason why she’s dating him. For the perfect example watch any episode of "Home Movies." Tad makes a life-sized sculpture of Lucy out of raw meat and left-over food and has sex with it in the walk-refrigerator. Before Bob's Burgers, Before Archer , there was Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil.

In addition to being available on DVD, all episodes are available on iTunes. DJ Jesús: Now I don't know you do I? Woman: No. Satan: I'm sorry. Senator Whitehead: Did you see Eyes Wide Shut? The show is short, 12 minutes, but usually very funny. I'm on the South Beach diet. Special Father #2: You know what, I'da wear it to an orgy too.

Season 1, Episode 3 TV-MA Judas (H. Jon Benjamin) - DJ Jesús' sycophantic personal assistant.

... Special Father #2: (holding up puppy dog mask) Hey! Special Father #1: Hmm, that's a little steep... A teratoma is tumor that grows teeth and hair. It's me on top of you, fucking you. Devil: Hey, at least I don't have a lisp. Sister Mary: Yeah, sorry I just...I don't know if you're the right for the group. The wind is rising, and everyone’s waiting for him, but DJ Jesus gets lost in the desert, where Satan is waiting to tempt him with a food court, an electronics superstore, and finally, a magical place called Temptasia. I think it's best if you don't come to book group. Senator Whitehead: I need you to give my fuck-up son a job. It's you! Tad: Yeah, but could ya? Judas: Yak herders! I am so sorry. Okay, how 'bout this, if you want to be with me, you can't be a ridiculous manslut, how 'bout that? Devil: That one has? She’s twenty-one, she lives in San Francisco, and she’s dating a DJ named Jesus (pronounced HEY-soos). She’s twenty-one, she lives in San Francisco, and she’s dating a DJ named Jesus (pronounced HEY-soos). Devil: You know what, I don't wanna cheer with dildos. Sister Mary: Your weird accent and your fancy shoes with your swagger. Season 1, Episode 5 TV-MA

Come on!

I don't just have that one joke I told you, I thought up a whole bunch about poop.

For an orgy! Two sacrifices in one week? Don't make some formulaic garbage so that undergrads can fill out their fantasy of meeting a really cool, laid back musician who just happens to be really important but way too humble to care. The Dreamster Sound Effects Machine was designed to help you fall asleep naturally and deeply. Or if I was a baker, okay, and you'd be like 'What's with all the yeast?' Evil. The Special Clergy - A group of priests and a nun on a mission from the Vatican to save the world from the Antichrist. Becky: Yeah, I guess... There's nothing interesting about Lucy. The Special Fathers vs. I mean look at him. She's just a template that every awkward early 20's female can project themselves onto. If you want to give a vampire the runs, cook them ziti with some garlic sauce. Well your strange immoral blood doesn't taste good to me! Senator Whitehead: Just wanted to let you know that we're on schedule to announce my candidacy for President. I want to get to know him. Very "I'm not impressed with your power and money". Special Father #1: Yes, she did. Devil: Well, here's the deal. If you die in your dreams, you die in real life. She's 21, she lives in San Francisco, and she's dating a DJ named Jesus (pronounced HEY-soos). She is more interested in laid back artists than douche bags with money (you know, the only two types of guys that exist, right.) Satan has one removed from his armpit and brings it home to be his friend. Warning: side effects may include drowsiness, nightmares, and psychotic episodes. Lucy is the 21 year old daughter of Satan in this dark comedy. And Crazy Shirt, you were all there. She has a dad who does something corporate. DJ Jesús: Hey you smell something? I'm usually good at this. Just a mild food allergy. Sister Mary: Sunlight? But seriously dude, if you like these chicks, yah gotta check out Burning Man, it's like Sodom and Gomorrah. Special Father #2: For two minutes I'm inna the bathroom and the guy comes! Excuse me, sister it's the poster! The Special Fathers try to infiltrate the ceremony but will they be able to find the right kind of masks? It's the one... Lucy: Hey, what are you doing back here? Nightshade: Well, uh, yeah. But when he plays the Devil it really makes no sense. Lucy: He has? Becky: Anti Christ! DJ Jesus commissions a dildo of himself to commemorate a very special event. Satanist #1: Hey that's a great sweater. Ah, maybe I don't know women's clothing. You don't like singing and fun? Have you seen any movies lately? [4] After nearly 2 years and a number of re-airings, the show was picked up for a full season, which premiered on September 9, 2007. Lucy: You know, it's not easy to sit up straight. DJ Jesús: Because of your sweater and your lumpy skin. While most people remember the stab at religion that was Moral Orel from this mid-aughts era of the Cartoon Network , Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil fits much more in the pantheon of popular cartoons that came before and would persist into the 2010s. Special Father #1: Oh, is that so? Senator Whitehead: It's like that, but Alan Greenspan will be there. Special Father #2: Oh, gimme some. Judas: Wow, that's deep man. I was just thinking of it more like a pet. Season 1. I wanna take a pottery class. Judas: Dude! Tad: You're nice. And I got you a dog. Devil: I agree with you, I'm saying I agree with you. Nightshade: The most deadly assassin nun the Catholic Church has ever produced. Let's go paint the town red. Becky: Yeah, you haven't seen this? DJ Jesus commissions a dildo of himself to commemorate a very special event.

Sister Mary: Masculine?! Satan suggests DJ Jesus as the sacrificee. Lucy: This is my dad's company! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Build a fire in the woods, get all undressed. Sister Mary: Oh my God. DJ Jesús: Oh. Senator Whitehead: Hey, uh any requests for who we should sacrifice? (Hall and Oates -- Maneater). Stay for dinner?

Nightshade: Woah, woah, woah, Sister.

DJ Jesús: Well first of all, I mean, you know, these ladies are kind of old.

All Rights Reserved. Lucy: Aww. And now I'm starting to feel a little bit... Vampire altar boys and vampire choir boys have been preying on priests throughout the city. Where can I chill this? Student 1: Look at the rack on Lucy Thank you, no. Lucy: Yeah, I actually wrote a letter to them once. The pilot episode features 3 "Special Fathers" sent from the Vatican to stop the devil and Antichrist as well as "DJ Jesus", or "C2" as the devil calls him, the second coming of Christ.

Lucy is the anti-Christ. Sister Mary: Glass eye of St. Augustine, find the Antichrist. Which rubs people the wrong way. Lucy: Um, I'm just going to a thing for my Dad. The Prince of Lies sets her up on a blind date with a senator at Club Armageddon, home of DJ Jesus. John "Stroker" Strockmeyer and Hoop Schwartz are a duo of inept private investigators, living in contemporary Los Angeles. Judas: What I'd give for half of that. While Lisa would often offer incredibly profound opinions and talk at an analytical level above more 30 year olds she was still a young girl. So prudish! Claustrophobic! All these people bother me, let's go on a killing spree. DJ Jesús: The end. DJ Jesús: All escape artists are claustrophobic, that's why we want to escape. DJ Jesús: Look, if you've got it, flaunt it. It's all bunk! Woman: Oh my God, how'd you do that? The Vampire Altar Boys. With H. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky, Jon Glaser, Sam Seder. SD. Senator Whitehead wants to announce his candidacy for President of the United States during a ritual human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, as all serious Presidential candidates do. Lucy: I know Sinsperations! CC Reggie: (weakly) Oh, yeah? Entertainment Digital Network. Written by Mr. Bad Influence!

Becky: We feel that men can't possibly masturbate more, but women, women can. Devil: Becky, where have you been, I've been trying to reach...Oh. Although she is being groomed to take over as the Antichrist, Lucy has other plans.

DJ Jesus may or may not be the Messiah, but he does do magic tricks and he does have an entourage. (Student 1 is attacked by a dog) Sales Clerk: For an orgy? If you die in your dreams you die in real life. What? Did you just say it's not an orgy? I thought you knew that about me. I've got glasses on, we can try to make it inside! Hold on, uh, let me give you my spiel, okay? Senator Whitehead: Yes, I woke up naked on the docks and I decided to come straight to work. Lucy: I personally think he's replacing you. Special Father #1: And Father Murphy, how long did he serve here?

Lucy: All right, it's getting less appealing, so why don't I just give you the number. Special Father #2: Benetti (Sam Seder) - The most quiet of the trio. Devil: Lucy. Pilot: How you doin' folks? Some political thing. Okay, wet blanket! Madman Entertainment said on the DVD sampler that the show will be released to DVD some time in 2011 along with other Williams Street shows like Assy McGee, Delocated and The Venture Bros. Special Father #2: You guys have a book group? Security Guard: Every shoplifter makes that same joke. Special Father #1: Well that's funny because Sister Louisa called me last night. Together they plot to kill DJ Jesus who has just published a novel - a thinly disguised roman à clef - called Lacy. The Archbishop of San Francisco asks the Special Fathers for help and the Special Sister gets a crash course in vampire hunting. Who's on board, guys?

Man: $7000 Lucy: Are you trying to hurt me? She may have dealt with some of these issues but in most cases they were quick-fixes.If the joke is that the daughter of the devil is really mundane, then make her problems mundane too. DJ Jesús: Yes, her name is Lacy, and she's tall and thin which you are not. Season 1, Episode 4 TV-MA You need no introduction. Special Father #1: (frustrated) Yes! Opening song: I don't want to go to sleep. Lucy: Oh my, oh my God, I'm a six. Your


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