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It’s handcrafted to perfection to be the best healthy vegan tuna salad sandwich out there. This happened every subsequent time and made the whole experience much more intimate and fun. *This recipe is easily Top 8 free. We loved the interior of the cafe. We also keep vegetarians and vegans happy with an assortment of vegan cheeses, fresh … When made correctly, this vegan tuna melt will blow you away. The vegan options have expanded GREATLY as well as the portions. Other waffles that were ordered by my friends were the chocolate one ( I forget the name but it was a chocolate waffle with chocolate syrup), vegan and regular wake up and violet Beauregard. Never would have thought it to be in the neighborhood. There are far better options in the city for vegan brunch. Keep in mind they basically only do waffles, but when you can eat a waffle at midnight, who's complaining?Truly a great reflection of STL's newfound creativity and style, head to Melt and see for yourself. And the food is delicious. If you are ordering vegan, vegetarian, gluten sensitive or have any dietary concerns please read our Dietary Concerns information. The Melt Rewards . You serve your own coffee (from a wall of pretty awesome, kitschy mugs), and don't worry about getting your hands on a paper menu - just look at the chalk board taking up one of the walls. Melt is a quirky place that reminds me of the places I used to love in Wisconsin. It’s best to prep it ahead and then make the sandwich when ready to eat so it stays crunchy. I live in South City and, as such, I desperately wanted to love this place. This easy vegan tuna melt is the perfect warm sandwich. ORDER DELIVERY. So easy, delicious, and satisfying. Decor is fun and eclectic. We’re so happy to hear that it was a hit!

I don't know why she felt the need to give us an unsolicited, 5-minute sales pitch when we were already seated and prepared to spend money there. Perhaps they should offer more than one style of waffle? We will definitely be having this meal regularly. Long time fans of Melt’s eclectic vibe and fresh menu, Shannon and Diane moved back to the Queen City from San Francisco, in 2017. See post for notes about Top 8 Allergy Free variation.

Horrible service - avoid on weekends if at all possible. **Nutritional facts are just estimates. Even some raw veggies would be perfect with our dairy free ranch dressing. Super cute with the chalk boards, sofa area, arcade games. The best savory?

... Melted Classics MeltBurgers Grilled Chicken Salads Sides Drinks Desserts Kids Add-Ons. Nori is a seaweed that has been dried out.

She asked us if we had ever been there before, and, when we said no, she pulled up a chair at our table and gave us a glowing, detailed description of literally every item on the menu. The decor is hipster-chic. Plus, it’s easy for a meal prep idea for lunches for the week. ORDER NOW → Our Food Values .

My husband and I have really enjoyed watching as new businesses fill the Cherokee and Benton Park areas. Sodium (mg) Carbohydrates (g) Dietary fiber (g) Sugars (g) Total Fat (g) Calories from Fat. The Melt menu changes often. Our Food Values .

A lot of food options including gluten free and vegan. Layer with 2 slices of tomatoes and 2 slices of vegan cheese. All links on our site may be affiliate links and should be treated as such. Filed Under: Main Courses, Recipes Tagged With: main course, recipes. Be the first to see what we’re doing and finding, behind the scenes, and other get recipes are resources we’ve finding by following along.

Never miss another recipe! I will definitely add this to my list restaurants to visit when traveling to St. Louis. We had no wait and great service on a mid Sunday morning. The service wasn't bad, just....quirky. MeltBurgers. Kids. I want to give them another go some lazy brunch morning, but I'm expecting the food to continue to be just so-so for me. Its so different and the cozy couches. Peanut butter and chocolate waffle drizzled on top are just a few of the toppings they offer.

Find flakes at your local health store or buy them from Amazon. New favorite breakfast place! More. More. Option 2: In a skillet, over medium heat cook for 3-5 minutes or until golden brown, flip and repeat. Required fields are marked *. The chocolate one, well if you love all chocolate, then this is the waffle for you , but it was too much of 1 flavor for me. The decor is very original and… The drinks were also solid.The curious thing about the service is that they kept mistaking us for another table, and whenever we would get up to play some pinball while we waited, our server kept on trying to bus our table, even though we were just 4 feet away! So far my favorite thing to eat is the vegan "Belly Bowl" which seems to change contents depending on who's cooking but it's always awesome. YUM YUM YUMMMMMM!!! Boyfriend had the chicken and waffles and loved it.

There are some great vegan options which sounded delicious, but we didn't get to find out because we had been waiting for two hours with no updates from our waitress and no refills. I loved it (I'm a secret hipster at heart), but my husband thought the PBR beer can lights were a little over-the-top. Their vegan selections are just as tasty (or even tastier) as their regular dishes. I basically tried everything on the menu in my times there, but my two favourites were the Violet Beauregarde and the Wake n' Bake, which has bacon and sausage IN the waffle. Grind up a small sheet of nori (or omit this step if using. Truly amazing atmosphere and food combination. Naturally I was inclined to pick  the one with Kate and prince William on it. It's intimidating that waffles are in or on almost everything but I promise you it will be delicious. Yea definitely coming back.

It lasts a long time. Great restaurant!!! August 13, 2020 by LarishaBernard 2 Comments. Tag us @makeitdairyfree and use #MakeItDairyFree on Social so we can feature you!

Melt Bar and Grilled strives to meet & exceed all guest’s dietary concerns & restrictions. It is very laid back and the waffles aren't too overwhelming. The waffles are good. Learn more about the award-winning team behind the site. As check that the vegan cheese you are using is free form any top 8 allergen. ORDER PICK-UP. The sweet potato waffle was one of the best I have ever had! FACEBOOK      INSTAGRAM      PINTEREST                   TWITTER             YOUTUBE. I was expecting a waffle restaurant to have fluffy, Belgian waffles, but these were the dense, flat kind. Nutrition . Our six Always Flavors are consistent, and we offer one rotating weekend special. The hash browns were great too! If you are in the mood for breakfast – this bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit is perfect (yes, completely vegan!). It was delicious. They have LEGIT vegan options, so this place is great for your picky friends.They also have egg scrambles for those who aren't so into the waffles.No dinner or lunch options, though many of their savory waffles (or sandwiches served "waffle-style") have been my dinner on many occasions. There's also an awesome cocktail selection and specials on waffles depending on the day. Service was outstanding! There are bowling and basketball machines available for bored guests. The most curious thing is that every one of the games autoplunged the first ball, almost like someone changed the settings to do so on purpose.All in all, I like Melt. Even the vegan cheese, it was the tastiest one I've had yet! Download Full Menu Download Vegan/Gluten Friendly Menu . Great Bloody Mary's/Bloody Pirate's/Bloody Irishmen OMG... Just go check it out already! *vegan/gluten free options*EDIT* I liked the dang place so much I work here now :-D. Menu may not be up to date. We want all guests to enjoy Melt Bar and Grilled worry free! Vegan. We ordered a side of fruit and it was just perfect. This takes between 5-10 minutes to do well. The Cheesiest Cheeseburgers. Can use immediately or best to let set in the fridge for at least an hour, and even better if you make this a day or two ahead of time and really let it marinade in all the flavors. You must also try our vegan chicken salad! This part of the recipe is what really gives it a fishy/ocean flavor that mimics the taste you’d have from tuna. I ordered the ALT and it was great! I love eccentric places so me and my family thought this was a great place. Mash your chickpeas with the back of a fork. « Vegan Walnut Breakfast Sausage Crumbles, Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches ». You need to ensure that the mayo that you use is soy free (like Follow Your Heart soy free) (or you can make your own top 8 free mayo). Ski ball and pin ball machines. Signature Burger Sauce. Lastly, for the bread, you could use a soy free and gluten free bread and bread that is safe for you. Option 1: Place in the oven at 400 degrees F for 8-10 minutes. It was crispy with fried apples and just the right amount of caramel sauce. Thin slices with a good crunch. :) I think my favorite sweet waffle was the granny franny. I've gone back there several times now and it is my favorite place. They came fairly quickly and while we waited we played a game of trivial pursuit and filled up our mugs of choice with that delicious Kaldi coffee. Drinks. The decor is very original and eclectic. We do use just over a dozen ingredients to make this recipe, but it really is to die for. Protein (g) Ve getarian. Each new season provides new ingredients and we just can’t stop creating. Yes! It's quirky, it's fun, and the food is decent.

The decor is part retro part indie hipster, but all fun and tasteful.


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