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And business can actually do business at the speed of light… read more. North Central Texas College (NCTC) is an equal opportunity employer. This podcast series is funded by an award from the US DHHS Office of Population Affairs. Fall 2017. Last Day for 100% Refund for Courses Dropped, Official Date of Record for 1st 8 week Semester, Last Day to withdraw from a class with 'W' for 1st 8 Week Semester, Last Day of 100% Refund for Courses Dropped for 2nd 8 Week Session, Last day to withdraw from a class with a grade of  'W' for regular 16 Week Semester, Last day to withdraw from a class with a grade of 'W' for 2nd 8 Week Semester, Last Day for 100% Refund for Courses Dropped, Memorial Day-classes dismissed-college closed, Final Exams – administered during class; Term ends, 4th of July Holiday Observed - College closed, Final exams administered during class; Term Ends, Last Day to withdraw from a class with a grade of "W", Final exams administered during class; Term ends, Final Grades, Attendance Rosters & Grade Rolls due at Noon, 4th of July Holiday Observed – College Closed, Last day to withdraw from a class with a grade of "W", Curricula - Career and Technical Education, North Central Texas College Student Handbook, Final Grades, Attendance Rosters & Grade Rolls due at noon for 1st 8 week semester. Thanks in part to a Smart Rural Communities Grant, NCTC has invested millions in rapidly expanding its fiber optic broadband service to more people in smaller cities and towns than ever. August 28. (Gainesville and Corinth Campuses Only), Martin Luther King Holiday Observed - College Closed While there is no universally accepted transliteration of Arabic names and terms, this edition of the Counterterrorism Calendar adheres to a transliteration system that is generally used throughout the US Government. hostages/active shooter/fire/IEDs, ELEVATORS/STAIRS First-response planners can gain insight North Central Texas College (NCTC) is an equal opportunity employer. Fax: 816-235-1701.

From chain properties to luxury resorts, hotels in the Homeland are diverse and may include multi-use facilities, restaurants, casinos, entertainment venues, and conference spaces. Your contribution will provide students with much needed scholarships to achieve their goal of an education. Stay tuned as we will be offering virtual training in fall. These characteristics, compounded by the fact that hotels are open and welcoming facilities with a large transient population, create complex challenges for prevention, security and response. Virulent strains of B. anthracis produce a protective capsule, composed of poly-D glutamic acid, and two protein exotoxins (called the lethal and the edema toxins).

The ability of multi-disciplined, multi-jurisdictional agencies to train together for these types of incidents can greatly enhance preparedness and increase early incident stabilization. Because of lunar observation and differences in time zones, the observance of Islamic holidays and calendar dates may vary from region to region. UNRESTRAINED ATTACKER(S), HIGH RISK TO FIRST RESPONDERS AND CIVILIANS, INITIAL LAW ENFORCEMENT SWEEP COMPLETE; ATTACKER(S) RETURN POSSIBLE; POSSIBLE BLAST/STRUCTURAL DAMAGE - FIRE,SMOKE-UNEXPLODED IEDS REMAIN A CONCERN, CLEARED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT, SECURITY MEASURES IN PLACE, AREA MONITORED. Academic Calendar. Each month starts when the lunar crescent is first seen after a new moon. Labor Day Holiday - College Closed. The information presented does not necessarily represent the views of OPA, OASH, or DHHS. Lymph glands in the adjacent area may also swell. September 5. The physical characteristics of the estimated 52,000 hotels in the Homeland create a complex environment for emergency personnel responding to a call for service in the event of a terrorist attack. Our training calendar is updated regularly to keep you informed of scheduled LARC training opportunities and LARC specific updates. Check out the Student Services page to locate the office you need, or sign into the NCTC Virtual Campus from 7:30AM-7:30PM, MONDAY-THURSDAY through QLess, and an NCTC representative will assist you by phone! IED design and employment strategy, and inclusion of fragmentation items (ball bearings, nails, etc.). Please follow the links provided next to each city and state to register. About 90 percent of untreated cases result in death. CAI (NYC) – Choice Contraceptive Action Plan (CAP): Essential Access Health offers a variety of LARC trainings in-person and online with a focus on counseling and education via their online learning portal. And business can actually do business at the speed of light… read more The Secretary of State authorizes rewards for information that leads to a terrorist that commits an act of terrorism directed against Americans, leads to the locations of a key terrorist leader, or that disrupts terrorism financing. Planning should also include transition from emergency response to investigation, as well as the continuation of local and regional emergency services.

(inside of buildings and out), Preferred area for evacuation of people in buildings and mandatory for people outdoors, All personnel in this area should seek shelter immediately inside a buiding away from windows and exterior walls. NOTE: The preferred evacuation range rings for person- and vehicle-borne IEDs are beyond the distances represented on this graphic and are therefore not shown.

Happy Customers. Academic Calendar 2020 - 2021. All personnel must evacuate 2020 Fall Semester to 2021 Summer II Semester. 2020 Fall Semester to 2021 Summer II Semester.

The guide reflects that statutorily mandated mission. 1525 West California Street, Gainesville, TX 76240, (940) 668-7731. 2464 Charlotte Street North Central Texas College (NCTC) is an equal opportunity employer. hostages/IEDs, CONFERENCE AREA The Title X National Clinical Training Center (NCTCFP), funded by the Office of Population Affairs, provides long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) training for Title X grantees. NCTC has permanent and rotational opportunities for professionals that are interested in working in a dynamic organization focused on leading the nation’s effort to combat terrorism at home and abroad. IEDs/VBIEDs/chemical acquisition, ENTRANCE For example, 1 Muharram, the first day of Islamic year 1437 (known in the West by the Latin term Anno Hegirae, or A.H.), fell on 14 October 2015; in A.H. 1438, 1 Muharram falls on 2 October 2016. In this system, the letters “u” and “a” are preferred over “o” and “e.” For example, the name of the al-Qa‘ida operative who was detained on 1 March 2003 is Khalid Shaykh Muhammad, not Khalid Sheikh Mohammed; he was an associate of Usama Bin Ladin, not Osama Bin Laden.

NCTC is part of the Intelligence Community (IC). IEDs/VBIEDs, PARKING Calendar; Competencies; The Marketplace; Job Aids; Syphilis Series July 16, 2020 Shelby Webb Podcasts, STDs/STIs. IEDs/VBIEDs, HOTEL ROOM The IC is not authorized to collect, retain, or disseminate information about US persons solely based on Constitutionally protected activities such as First Amendment speech, and may not do so based solely on race, religion, or other protected classification. CALL (940) 668-7731 or visit Student Services. School of Nursing & Health Studies NCTC Campuses are open and following new campus check-in and safety procedures, however, all NCTC Offices are available MONDAY-THURSDAY via phone, email, or text from 7:30AM-5:30PM. Office of the Director of  National Intelligence. The Rewards for Justice program continues to be one of the most valuable U.S. Government assets in the fight against international terrorism. Development of an appropriate security presence for rapid and comprehensive emergency response is contingent upon interagency coordination and private sector partnerships. NCTC taps the strength of our member companies to navigate the changing competitive landscape while creating new opportunities for scale and efficiency. Content Notes | Muslims are an extremely diverse group geographically, ethnically, and religiously, and the vast majority reject violent extremist ideology.

NCTC prohibits harassment on the basis of a legally protected characteristic and/or retaliation for reporting a complaint.

Kansas City, MO 64108, Phone: 1-866-91CTCFP (2-8237) The US National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) is pleased to present the International Terrorism Guide Website, a ready reference guide for law enforcement, intelligence, military and security personnel, contingency planners, or citizens concerned about international terrorist threats. 1525 West California Street, Gainesville, TX 76240, (940) 668-7731.

Anthrax is a serious illness caused by Bacillus anthracis (B. anthracis), an encapsulated, spore-forming, large, gram-positive, aerobic (grows in the presence of air), nonmotile (unable to move independently), rod-shaped bacterium. It is primarily a disease of plant-eating animals (herbivores); cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and swine are the usual hosts. Suddenly, streaming movies and games from all your devices is a reality. Our members bring generations of experience working alongside the people they serve in small and midsized communities.

Anthrax Inhalation Treatment: Antibiotics are effective in the first days after infections. IEDs assembly/hideout/fire, ROOFTOP production and targeting factors and examining previous IED attacks. Boundary representation is not necessarily authoritative. State, local and city officials recognize that the private sector plays a significant role in solving communication, transportation and utility challenges. Thanks in part to a Smart Rural Communities Grant, NCTC has invested millions in rapidly expanding its fiber optic broadband service to more people in smaller cities and towns than ever. NCTC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, genetics, equal pay, or any other legally protected characteristic. Essential Access Health offers a variety of LARC trainings in-person and online with a focus on counseling and education via their online learning portal: To request a training, call: 1-888-84-BAYER (1-888-842-2937), To watch an online insertion and removal video, visit, To request a training, call 1-888-84-BAYER (1-888-842-2937), To request a training, call: 201-247-3120.


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