ojibwe words

nibewini-abiwin(an) - bedroom, nibi - water [nibí] anishinaabe-bimaadizi - he lives the Indian (traditional) way agaasadeyoonagad - it is narrow (a boat)

ombiwidoo- - lifts and carries it

maajiigi - he grows up; he starts to grow apiitaa - it is so high, apiitenim- - praises him; is proud of him, apiizikaa - he goes as fast as possible; he goes quickly, apikweshimo - he lies with head on something

gabe-dibik - all night [gabé-dibik] gwayakoshin - he goes the right way; he goes straight aadizooke - he tells a traditional story or legend

agwazhe'on(an) - covering; blanket miskobagizi - it (tree) has red leaves

aniibiishaabooke - he makes tea

nagamowin - singing, nagishk- - meets it niniishk(wag) - my gland, tonsil maanabi - he sits uncomfortably makade-wiiyaas(ag) - negro [makadé-wííyaas] ziinibin- - squeezes, wrings someone, ziinikiigome - he blows nose; he wipes nose, ziinzibaakwad-onaagaans(an) - sugar bowl giboodiyegwaazon(ag) - pants [giboodiyegwáázon], giboz- - bakes it; roasts it in oven gagwejikada'odi- - they race (canoe, boat) on the water bashanzhe'igan(an) - whip; lash

bima'an- - he follows his trail along I decided lately to add words with special marks (á, é, í, ó) after translations (e.g., [aabáábiká'igan]) to show stress in words according to Wilson's Dictionary (1874), where it is marked in his book, or available audio and other language materials. It enables you to type almost any language that uses the Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets, and is free. 'It' is placed to indicate the verb category and is not a part of the form translation used in the wordlist.

bizhikiins(ag) - calf mookomaan(an) - knife, moona'- - digs for it

babaamoomigo - he rides around on horseback

babaamaadagaa - he swims around

gibitaneshin - he has a bloody nose in falling, gibodoonh(-nyag) - button

niizhwaak - two hundred, niizhwaaching - seven times

agoodwaagan(an) - snare ondaadizi - he is born; he comes from there [ondáádizi] mii'iw - that's it ishkwaandemaabik(oon) - doorknob, ishkwaapo(n) - it stops snowing zegendam - he is nervous; he is fearful

onzw- - boils him, onzaam - too much; extremely naangemin- - thinks him to be light (in weight)

nimiishigwaan(an) - my pubic hair gotigobizo - he rolls over, gozigwaakomin(an) - juneberry mitigomin(an) - acorn

agogwaan- - sews him on, agokadoo- - sticks it on nandawendaagwad - it is suitable; it is desirable

maadanjige - he begins to eat, maagon- - presses/pushes it down ; presses/pushes him down, maajaa - he leaves; he departs; he starts off aawadoo- - hauls it bigii-miikana(an) - asphalt road ondaasayi'ii - on this side of it, ondamitaa - he is busy (in some work or activity), ondendi - he is away; he is absent from apagin- - throws him, apakwaan(ag) - roofing babaamaadizi - he lives around; he travels around

support our organization's work with endangered American Indian languages. debaaband- - can see it from a distance, debashkine - it fits; it is full; he fits; he is full, debeyendam - he believes (in thought) akawaaband- - waits in watch for it; expects it to come

mandaaminaak(oon) - (ear of) corn bazagozi - he is sticky wiisaakodewinini(wag) - mixed-blood male, wiisagaa - it is bitter mii sa - and so ningide - it melts; it thaws biidweweyaadagaa - he is heard coming this way, swimming, biigobidoo- - breaks, tears it (pulling)

ningodwaaswi - (also: ingodwaaswi) six, ningoji - (also: ingoji) somewhere [ningóji], ningondashkway - my throat makadewikonayewinini(wag) - priest badakide - it sticks out from a separate surface wayezhinge - he cheats, webaashi - he is blown away by the wind Almost always it’s clear from the translation to what part of speech the word belongs.

aanjitoo- - changes it gizhaawaso - he protects the young, gizhaawenim- - is jealous of him anooj - various; all kinds, anwaataa - he finishes (some activity); he lets up on (some activity), anwi(in) - bullet; shell odaake - he steers, odaapinamaw- - accepts (it) from him badaka'w- - sticks / pricks / picks him up with pointed instrument

dakaagami(n) - it (liquid) is cold

baamaapii - after, after a while, baapaagimaak(wag) - white ash (ash with dark bark and light wood), baapaashkizige-giizhigad - it is the fourth of July nindis - my navel dagwaagig - in the fall wendaginde - it is cheap noojikwewe - he is catting around, noojimo - he recovers from an illness; he heals, nookaa - it is soft; it is tender bakwezhiganikewigamig(oon) - bakery manidoo-waabooz(oog) - cottontail rabbit ishkwesin - it is the last object (in a row) asekewin - tanning hides, asemaa - tobacco [asémaa]

maanowe - he has a bad voice; he mispronounces, maanzhendam - he feels badly ninzigos(ag) - my aunt; my father's sister [ninzigós] agaasade'- - makes him narrow minopw- - finds a good taste in him mitashkosiw - on the grass

giziibiigii - he washes self [gizííbiigii] gawaashi - he is blown over; it is blown over miskwaaboo - chocolate drink babagiwayaanegamig(oon) - tent //-->. agidasin - (also: wagidasin) on top of a rock

wiikwam- - sucks him

niningwiigan(an) - my wing, nininj(iin) - my finger, hand

awasajiw - on the other side of the mountain, awas-biboonong - winter before last
wanii'igewinini(wag) - trapper, waninawe'- - stirs it anishinaabewaki - Indian country akwaandawebizon(an) - elevator, akwiindimaa - it is deep to a certain extent, amadaji - he wakes from being cold

baaso - he is dry zhiiwibag(oon) - rhubarb

dasoshkin - so many (bagsful)

izhi-wiinzo - he is called so, izhichigaade - it is made so daashkiboodoo- - saws (rips) it niigosidoo- - breaks it (dropping, throwing) ningoding - (also: ingoding) once; at one time ashandiwin(an) - commodity food; rations minode - it is cooked well; it is cooked done

naagaj - later; after a while, naagozi - he is visible dadaakwaanikwe - he has short hair, dadaatabanaamo - he has short respiration mangitigweyaa - it (river) is large / wide [mangitigwéyaa], manidoo(g) - god; spirit; manitou

mookodaasowinini(wag) - carpenter; carver

abwaajigan(ag) - bread cooked over an open fire It can also mean the language group shared by the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi peoples.Ojibwe, on the other hand, refers to a specific Anishinaabe nation.

bizindamowin(an) - (also: bizindamoo-makak) radio

googiise - he falls in deep water; he sinks, goon - snow ondin- - gets it from there; gets him from there mangadezi - he is wide bimoode - he crawls by; he crawls

noondaagwad - it can be heard; it makes noise [noondáágwad] waakaa'ige - he builds a house [wáákaa'ige] agwaabiiga'amaw- - takes (it) off the water using something for him noogibatoo - he stops running

gabekana - at the end of the road, gabeshi - he camps agwanend- - puts / holds it in his mouth bimoom- - carries him on back

(Click here for Ojibwe pronunciation guide). inaajimotaw- - tells him (of it) Below is a massive list of ojibwe words - that is, words related to ojibwe. ningiz- - melts it niizho-giizhigad - it is Tuesday onaagoshi-wiisini - he eats supper [onáágoshi-wíísini], ondaadad - it originates there ; hold on! wiisagishkaw- - hurts him, wiisagi-desadinigaazod - pizza anishinaabekwe(g) - Indian (Ojibwe) woman

aabitaa-dibikad - it is midnight [áábitaa-díbikad] aniibiishaabookewinini(wag) - Chinese; Japanese; oriental makadewikonayewikwe(g) - nun gizhaagamiz- - heats it (a liquid) nookaadad - it is mild - before stems beginning with d, g, z, zh, in- - says so to him

abwaajige - he roasts things

ojibwemo - he speaks Ojibwe [ojibwémo] gakiná awíya - everybody ninagaakininj(iin) - my palm of hand wewebizon(an) - baby swing, wewese'idizo - he fans the air to cool self madoodoowinini(wag) - Finn, madwe- - can be heard; audible from a distance

anishinaabewinikaan- - gives him an Indian name anami'etaw- - prays for him ninagizh(iin) - my intestine ninishiwag - my testicles bizhiw(ag) - lynx, bizind- - listens to it minikwe - he drinks [minikwé] minopid- - finds a good taste in it

akina - (see: gakina, kina) all; every ishkwaabiisaa - it stops raining

inaadagaa - he swims there zasakwaa - the frost is heavy; the frost is thick, zegendaagozi - he is fearful

nooji- - seek; go after

dakaji - he catches a cold

ishpiming - in the sky; above; heaven, ishpimisag(oon) - the floor above dakaasin - it (wind) is cool jiibaakwewigamig(oon) - kitchen; cookshack [jiibaakwéwigamig] aapiji - very; quite [áápiji], aapijibatoo - he runs away; he skips the area gotaaji - he is afraid, gotigobide - it rolls over

gakina gegoo - everything, ganakin- - takes a handful of him naangizi - he is light in weight

baakaakosin - it is open mashkodewidaabaan(ag) - train

google_ad_slot = "7815442998"; baapitoo- - laughs at it, baas- - dries it biinisagaa - it (the floor, or smth.

biboonong - last winter, bichi- - by mistake We intend to continue to expand this resource.

Nakota Sioux biinichige - he cleans things agidajiw - (also: wagidajiw) on a mountain onzaamidoon - he talks too much ziiga'igan(an) - sugar cake; sugar cone, ziigin- - pours it out; spills it niisaandawe - he climbs down; he goes downstairs

apangisin - it falls down there, apii - (see: iwapii) when; at the time that [apíí], apiichaa - it is so far

maajiibizonikewinini(wag) - heavy equipment operator apakwanagemag(oog) - Norway pine, apangishin - he falls down there wiidoopam- - eats with him


minwaadizi - he leads a good life

bigishkanani - he is rotten, falls to pieces, bigishkibidoo- - breaks it into pieces

miigaadiwin(an) - fight, battle, war [miigáádiwin]
niigozo - he breaks (by heat), niijii - my brother, my friend (vocative) [nííjii]

maadaajimo - he begins a narrative giizhiik- - finishes it; finishes with it naadashkosiwe - he hauls hay

midaaso- - ten [midááso-] giiwebiboon - it is after mid-winter; it is late winter bazhiba'w- - stabs him, bazhidebadoo- - overfills it (liquid) wewese'igan(an) - fan aniibiiminagaawanzh(iig) - cranberry bush (highbush), aniibiish(an) - leaf; tea [anííbiish, anííbíísh]


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