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Clayton Moore: “Even though I had been gone for about three years, things hadn’t changed much at Republic. This is a list of films produced and distributed by Republic Pictures.Republic Pictures was … Filed under Adele Mara, Lesley Selander, Republic Pictures, Most of these later Republics had the attraction of being filmed in widescreen Naturama.

It’s a low-budget crime/noir thing. Another great filmmaker heads to Republic Pictures after getting the shaft by the majors — and knocks one out of the park. Add to that the fact that it’s got both Peggy Stewart and Adele Mara in it, with a story from the great Leigh Brackett, and it’s not to be missed. We had to stay out there all week to shoot. Special Effects: Howard and Theodore Lydecker, Cast: George Wallace (Commando Cody), Aline Towne (Joan Gilbert), Roy Barcroft (Retik), William Bakewell (Ted Richards), Clayton Moore (Graber), Peter Brocco (Krog), Tom Steele.

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Here, we’ve seen a lot of their stuff before. The picture was a critical and commercial flop, and Marshall didn’t directed another film until The Phantom Planet (1961), a cult favorite. This serial features one of my all-time favorite movie plot points: aliens enlisting American gangsters to help with their plot to conquer the earth. Sounds terrific, don’t it?

What’s more, it’s readily available on DVD from various sources, though a Blu-ray would be appreciated (as a hi-def Lydecker Bros. demo reel, if nothing else).

However, although he is listed sixth in the cast, the real central figure is John Russell, who is Adler’s nephew and had been heavily involved in crime pre-WW2. Enjoys seeking out lesser-known (even downright obscure) old movies. Three of his wives were actresses: Michele Morgan, Micheline Presle and Ginger Rogers. But they keep it moving from action scene to action scene, and from chapter to chapter — and that, of course, is what a Republic serial is all about. I’m a huge fan of Lang’s Hollywood movies and it’s great to see some of his more obscure pictures, like this one and Moonfleet (1955), make their way to Blu-Ray. In the end, they do not succeed.

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Republic Pictures was an American independent film production-distribution corporation with studio facilities, operating from 1935 through 1959, and was best known for specializing in westerns, serials, and B films emphasizing mystery and action. For me, one of the appeals of any Republic serial is the promise of some first-class model work from Howard and Theodore Lydecker. L.A showbiz tycoon (Ricardo Cortez) with a gambling addiction, is slipped a Shanghai-ball by a tomato (as the script would have it) and becomes involved in a shakedown, murder and blackmail. 1 go-to man for action, having by this point helmed countless Autry and Rogers films. Neither Republic Pictures nor director Lesley Selander made many horror movies. Filed under DVD/Blu-ray News, Kino Lorber, Lydecker Brothers, Republic Pictures, Directed by William Witney and John English The transfer’s excellent — got a good look at it while working on a commentary for it. Notes

Marshall not only has to contend with gambling syndicate goons, but also a police chief (Grant Withers) who resents this East Coast interloper on his patch. Starring Charles Quigley, Bruce Bennett, David Sharpe, Carole Landis, Miles Mander, Charles Middleton, C. Montague Shaw. It’s readily available on DVD in the US and elsewhere.

5Co-owned with Network18. No sooner has Marshall arrived on the scene when Cortez is framed for another murder. Marshall had to complete the film using Flynn’s stunt double. Benelux (Comedy Central Family) | Brazil | France | Germany | Latin America | Poland (Comedy Central Family) | Spain, VH1: 4Co-owned with Viva Entertainment. Marshall’s favorite tipple is a dry Martini without the olive… it takes up too much room in the glass. Asia | Brazil | Denmark | France | Italy | Latin America | Poland | Spain | Sweden, Comedy Central: Kino Lorber will bring The Man Who Died Twice to both DVD and Blu-Ray in November.

Blu-Ray News #263: House By The River (1950).

MTV (HD): Club MTV | Base | Classic | Hits | Live HD | Music (+1) | OMG | Rocks DVD/Blu-Ray News #97: The Man Who Died Twice (1958). Nickelodeon (HD, +1)13: (Nicktoons | Nick Jr. (HD, +1) | Nick Jr. Too | Nick at Nite) Rod Cameron’s cool in it (as always), Luana Anders plays a heroin addict, and Jack Marta shot it in black & white widescreen. You know how absolutely essential it is. This is a list of films produced and distributed by Republic Pictures. Directors still had to scrape every bit of footage together for the lowest possible budget. 9Co-owned with Solar Entertainment. The Republic Pictures Blogathon: Blackmail (1947) By Guest Blogger John Knight. Argentina (HD) (Telefe Córdoba | Telefe Rosario | Telefe Neuquén | Telefe Mar del Plata | Telefe Tucumán | Telefe Bahía Blanca | Telefe Salta | Telefe Santa Fe) | International, Other channels:

Hindi entertainment: Colors (HD) | Colors Rishtey | Hindi movies: Colors Cineplex (HD) | Hindi music: MTV (HD) and MTV Beats (HD) | English music: VH1 (HD) (English) | Kids: Nickelodeon (HD) | Sonic Nickelodeon | English entertainment: Colors Infinity (HD) | Comedy Central (HD), Regional channels: Colors Kannada (HD) | Colors Super (Kannada) | Colors Bangla (HD) | Colors Marathi (HD) | Colors Tamil (HD) | Colors Odia | Colors Gujarati, Video Games: South Park Digital Studios | Paramount Digital Entertainment | Nickelodeon Games, Record Labels: Other channel: Aapka Colors5, International channels Starring Rod Cameron, Vera Ralston, Mike Mazurki, Don Hagggerty, Paul Picerni, Luana Anders. DVD/Blu-Ray News #92: Adventures Of Captain Marvel (1941). Sign In Trending New Popular type to search. DVD/Blu-Ray News #146: The Vampire’s Ghost (1945). His House By The River (1950) is a terrific period noir/melodrama with incredible cinematography by Edward J. Cronjager.

With the constant flow of hardboiled dialogue, the audience is given another mystery to decipher: was the film intended as a parody of private eye flicks? Dialogue scenes have a first-take quality to them. Freddy Brannon padded Radar Men From The Moon with footage from King Of The Rocket Men, Darkest Africa (1936) and The Purple Monster Strikes (1945).”. Main passions are the western and detective/mystery/film noir.

The Lydeckers’ model spaceship for Radar Men From The Moon. Republic’s frantic pace of production didn’t even slow down when Moore broke Wallace’s nose. To sort out this mess, he hires a New York gumshoe (William Marshall, who certainly puts the “hard” in hard-nosed). 3Joint-venture with Marvel Comics. 2, Forrest Tucker. Stock footage was the order of the day in the final years of Republic serials, and this one lifts liberally from Jungle Girl (1941) starring Frances Gifford. 7Joint-venture with Hubbard Broadcasting.

His wartime experiences have turned him around, however, and since 1945 he has been running a legit business. This is an update to a post from way back in January. For folks who like a good gritty crime drama with a great cast, this film would get my recommendation.


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