rogue secrets outlands

It's FUN to play and feels pretty strong, burst damage from stealth + Eviscerate and/or Ashtongue Slayer.
© 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. It's more of a bonus stealth minion but can come in clutch against certain classes.

That’s weird, I climbed all the way from ~15k Legend to Top 1k with it last season with over 60% win rate. I guess I'll be adding a class guide since I'm at 15 + now :). Play all your secrets too quickly and you turn your Stunners into 1/2s that don’t do anything. It`s very hard for the opponent to remove these minions without attacking it. Then you want to drop whatever you drew and make on big board swing. Current winrate is 62%! As I see two good stealth minions come from the adventure. Personally, I'm loving good old Edwin in this(took out 1 SI). :)   Thanks! Thank you for your work and time!

I think Reinan23 was right on your guide about it not really making it to 'legit' meta unless it's galakrond, but it's fun and can win and for now, that's enough. What an absolute unit, eat your heart out Sap. If he trades with a minion – same story, most of the time you will get something much bigger and his trade will fail. To counter Highlander Decks and Battlecry Decks a bit. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. It’s a targeted Freezing Trap on a 1/2 minion for just 1 mana. Because I think this is a better combination than with stealth and I won´t spend money for the new expansion. The only problem for this deck is Demon Hunter... for me at least. I feel that Shadowstep is essential, and the extra pings help control the board in the early-mid game, but will admit I haven't tried that version myself. 2. I will update it when I know which 1-mana cost minion is the best. Second thing, a lot of builders try to bring stealth mehanic in this deck, it's probably real if u cut secret mehanic , both of them are not work well. I'd really appreciate a +1 if you like it, I'll provide match-up details and recent replays at +15. Great guide, mate! Your opponent will want to concede when you essential use a 1-mana directed Freezing Trap on their 9 and 10 cost minions to banish them to the unplayable realm and reduce their hand size. Wicked Knife as needed. Region: EU.

Ideal opening usually consists of Turn 1 Spymistress, Turn 2 Skyvateer or Ashtongue (aggressive), Turn 3 Greyheart Sage. Playing at Legend. For example, if you have it at 2/4, you have no Invoke cards in your hand and it’s Turn 7, you will still want to play it. It can be used for minion removal in emergency situations but better to direct that damage at the face since the deck isn't meant to last into the late game. pretty please.

Win condition/Power: You can end the opponents carrer in many many ways: Heistbaron Togwaggle , Edwin VanCleef , Galakrond, the Nightmare , Kronx Dragonhoof are good ways to win a game. (For a more in-depth coverage of my thoughts on the Secret package, feel free to check out, I feel confident that Galakrond Rogue will still be good (and that will end up surprising very few people). Malygos Rogue - Malygos Rogue deck list guide (Ashes of Outland) Secret Rogue Mulligan guide. Hanar: always hold one secret in your starthand, Hanar is in every phase of the game very good, Blackjack Stunner is better in the endgame. Ambush triggers just as easy, after your opponent drops a minion. This is a absolute key card and the first reason why you hold secrets back. It’s a way better and cheaper Sap. I play hearthstone since 9 months and I always used some decks from others. U don't need Sap in this deck, u have Blackjack Stunner. Okay, thx, i rly love rogue, but i Just cant fit on this deck someway xD, playing this, big druid and spell only mage, this rogue is my worst winrate sadly :(, Yeah HSReplay doesn't have it as high of a winrate as those other decks. I saw a lot of deckbuilders cut Dragon's Hoard , this is a huge mistake! I love this deck because Tempo Rogue is my favorite archetype and now with Leeroy Jenkins gone, people are less afraid of burst damage (even though Reckless Rocketeer isn't far off), but we've still got it with Ashtongue Slayer and Eviscerate. And if your opponent decides to play around it and not attack any of your minions, that’s also fine – he will have much harder time removing your board, which means that you will gain an advantage.
I don't think secret package are strong, it's just a new cards, also it's fun. Hey there, thanks I'm glad you're enjoying it :)   Hanar is really strong! It's tempting to use.

Backstab is a great activator on 3 for these cards to take the board (SI:7) or provide some lackey value when you haven't a better stealth play. The card you’re relying on, however, is Galakrond, the Nightmare. (This particular version is -1 EVIL Miscreant, +1 Shadowstep. -> Faceless Lackey : dont combine it with Bamboozle , so you get a lower effect if he attacks it. I hope you can enjoy the showcase and have a nice expansion everyone :). I replaced these cards with more important cards. two reasons: I tried it and removed it because 1. most of the time you draw to many cards and overvalue your hand. Secret Rogue ( Ashes of outland) Posted By: BigBiscuit - Published: March 27, 2020 - Updated: 5 months ago - Dust Cost: 9,280 Tweet. In lots of games, whatever you bounce with it can be considered dead – it’s rare that your opponent can afford to play it back again for 2 more mana. I sense that once I near Plat it’ll get a bit tougher without some staples of this deck. – Shadowstep is a great tool in this deck, maybe you sap two instead of one (Blackjack Stunner), you invoke two times, you get two treasure or activate two Kronx devastation. 2. You play it at any time, you don’t have to think about strategy. In the video bellow you can see a game against galakrond warlock and since it is more like a controlish archetype I try to gain tempo as much as I possibly can and thanks to that I managed to get that game. And after that, you will be able to create a powerful meta deck by adding a few Legendaries once you gather enough Dust. Highlander Rogue (Secret) Last updated Apr 8, 2020 (Outland Release) Edit | Delete Standard. With six one-cost minions, it’s hard for this deck to miss getting on board early.

While the deck’s strategy is pretty aggressive and once it starts going it will be hard to stop, but interestingly enough, the deck’s early game is rather slow. Last updated 2019/02/05 at 7:20 AM View Changelog .

These six stealth minions will hopefully provide enough activators for the Greyheart Sage, which provide even more cycle with tempo to help find your best cards that end the game. Maybe try a 2nd Shadowstep so that you can use Flik or Stunner twice to help replace her effect. Only two of the three Rogue Secrets are currently considered viable in constructed (Cheat Death and Evasion) and Arena (Cheat Death and Sudden Betrayal), making the decision tree for playing against Rogue Secrets relatively small. (But don´t hold it back, when you can sap and slows the opponents game, do it) Also you can sap a warden from Magtheridon.


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