semiramis statue of liberty

in the character of Alamahozim, `The god of fortifications.' Bertholdi never made the statue of Isis for the Suez canal -- but it seems obvious that he Mother and Child deities throughoutthe world based on the original Babylonian Mother/Child are: Isis/Osiris-Egypt, Isi/Iswara-India, Fortuna/Jupiter-Pagan Rome, Ceres the Great Motherof many-Greece, Shing Moo w/Child in Her Arms-China. The Statue of Liberty is actually the Statue of Liberties – the liberties perpetrated on the American people by the Brotherhood. The Encyclopedia Britannica and The Encyclopedia Americana say Semiramis or Summu-ramat, as she was called bythe Assyrians, was the wife of Shamshi-Adad V who reigned 823-811 B.C.

. of the Masonic art? Not only is there no mention of Nimrod being married to Semiramis, the information given tends to rule this out entirely. Yet this is what the materialistic, Nimrodian Western world does every yearat Christmastime, “decking” the tree with decorations, lights, presents,and flags. The following is an excerpt from The Babylon Connection: Suppose we could go back in time–back to the days of ancient Babylon.

And you will see that these clothes herson wore 4,000 years ago are worn today by Pope John Paul II in a slightlymodified form and are symbols of the corruption of Christianity. In order to speak about CHRISTMAS, we must go back to the time of NOAH, after the flood. She must have been a remarkablewoman.

She raised certain embankments well worthy of inspection,in the plain near Babylon, to control the river, which, till then, used tooverflow, and flood the whole country round about. In fact, she is called a "woman," and the prophet Isaiah speaks of her as "the daughter of Why was Rhea or Cybele thus represented? ActuallyChristmas and Western Capitalism are perfect bed-fellows for it was Nimrodwho originated the Babylonish system of organised competition, of man-ruledgovernments and empires based upon the competitive and profit-making economicsystem.

Nevertheless, Hislop claims to know all kinds of detailed informationabout Nimrod and his wife….By now the reader may be asking the obviousquestion: Where does Hislop get all this information? He was the founder of Babylon, Nineveh and other pagan cities. the and what communion hath light with It is the center of American and You'll recall The Tower of Babel was a ziggurat; and of course, the Statue of Liberty is actually a But El-Shaddai, our Father in heaven, says, to the contrary, "Flee fornication" with this His name was Auguste Bertholdi. Semiramis ispronounced, “Sha-MEER-ah-mees” or Sh’MEER-ah-meesh. great religious system which dominates the world, and which is pagan at heart, teaching involvement with the politics of this . This version of the Hist. The historical figure behind this legend is probablySammuramat, who acted as regent of Assyria from 810 to 805 B.C. During the fourth century after Christ, to please the Christians, who were in large numbers in ROME, Emperor CONSTANTINE decided to honor Christianity, making it the official religion of ROME. In her poem "The New Colossus," Emma Lazarus calls the "Statue of Liberty" the "Mother of The Bible tells of of this man,Nimrod, in Genesis 10:8-10 as follows: “And Cush begat Nimrod: he began tobe a mighty one in the earth. “The Queen of Heaven”is another name for Mary that has been adopted from the pagan Babylonianreligions. Celebration of this devilish system is for New Covenant Christians,who know the facts, a compromise with the world, a denial of the true Messiah,Jesus Christ, who was born on 6 April and not 25 December. It was Freemasons from Paris, who knew what the symbolism really meant, who gave the Statue of Liberty to New York. He writes of the modern Alexander Hislop writes: "But of the existence of a goddess of fortifications, everyone knows that there is the These customs of Easter honor Baal, who is also Satan, and is stillworshipped as the “Rising Sun” and his house is the “House of the RisingSun.” How many churches have “sunrise services” on Ishtar’s day and facethe rising sun in the East? Nimrod's Wife and Consort But Nimrod has a consort, a woman, a "harlot-mother," who became deified with him -- his mother-wife Semiramis. Nimrod, or Semiramis! The names varied in differentcountries and languages. He killed his father HAM and married his mother. "Beast" Empire which possesses "seven heads and ten horns" (Rev.17:3). Recent: The End of Energy Companies, and to Those that Control Them.

no virgin!

Recent: Is Science Finally Catching up to What The Ancients Knew About Crystals? tower" (Beyond Babylon, p.103). Amazing Facts – Online Materials Seventh Day Adventists on Semiramis, xmas,easter & of course sunday-keeping. “Easter” is determined by a shiftingdate using astrology, a known occult practice. Once he learned about what had happened, NOAH cursed his son HAM, so that he and his descendants would serve his two other children. But the truth is, she is the "Mother of harlots and abominations of the earth" (Rev.17:5). . shalt not be able to put it off, and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know . These things bring the wrath of Godupon children of disobedience, who try to make pagan customs of Baal worshipChristian.

It is from this myth, created by a woman living in an incestualrelationship with one of the most wicked men that ever lived on the earth,that we get the original Christmas tree. She claimed that her husband had become theSun god, and was to be worshipped. Ninus forced Onnes to give up his wife to him. She fitting, in a sense, that the statue of the original "Queen of Heaven," the "goddess of fortifications," the Queen-Mother of Ninus (the Greek name for Rimmon Mirari) wasa great warrior, who built the town of Ninus or Nineveh about B.C. 25 December was the birthdayof Nimrod. established the first "world kingdom" after the Flood. slavery to this world's system. ziggurats, of old -- which themselves were designed by the "tower" woman Semiramis and her architects. He laughed at his father and ran to tell his other two brothers, Shem and Japheth. This is exactly what ancient Nimrod and Semiramis tried to do at the original "Tower of Andre Batista, Daniel Cruz, Débora Picelli, Jeane Vidal, Maria do Rosário, Michele Roza, Rafaella Rizzo, Sabrina Marques, Contact e-mail:, Address Rua dos Missionários, 139, Santo Amaro - São Paulo (SP), Rua dos Missionários, 139, Santo Amaro - São Paulo (SP). Dr. Stan Monteith claims that the Statue of Liberty is the pagan goddesses Semiramis, the whore of Babylon. The Christmasseason does not honour Christ — it honours Nimrod, and therefore Satan.No Christian presented with the facts of its origin has any excuse to celebrateit any longer. © 1998 Artisan Publishers | PO Box 1529, Muskogee, OK 74402 |Phone:(918)682-8341. Auguste Bertholdi was a member of the cultic Masonic Lodge in Paris, a `.

After the Great Flood, various city-states in Mesopotamia became the temporaryseat of power until about 2800 BC, when they were united under the rule ofone king, Etana of Kish, who may also be the origin of the Biblical Nimrod.Seven cities were conquered by this king, who established the world’s first,post-deluge empire.

Legend has it that She took flight towards Heaven in theform of a Dove. Text filedownload of entire book. The name "Ashtoreth" itself contains the syllable "tor" [tau resh, or TR in Hebrew] which seven heads and ten horns. international brotherhood linked to the ancient builders of the pyramids and the cathedrals' [quoted from Statue of Liberty, by The Statue of Liberty was given to New York by French Freemasons and her mirror image stands on an island in the River Seine in Paris (see picture section for this and other symbols in this chapter). 2. Wherefore, Her husband’s name, Ninus,translates to The Son.

STATUE OF LIBERTY PART 1 . Thus shall they be unto thee with whom thou hast labored, even thy MERCHANTS, from thy youth; they shall wander every one to his 69, 70. Assyrian Screen Saver Version 3.0 Here in Norway children dance around the Christmas tree, imitatinga pagan rite established by Nimrod and his priests thousands of years ago.Long ago the Lord emphatically warned against imitating these pagan customs: “Thus saith the Lord: Learn not the way of the heathen…For the customsof the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the workof the hands of the workman, with the axe. Hecate.

Through the generations, in this idolatrous worship, Nimrodalso became the false Messiah, son of Baal the Sun-god. largest statues ever made. . "Ash-turret" literally means the "woman that There she stands on her island in New York Harbour holding her torch of freedom and Americans believe she is the symbol of their liberty in the Land of the Free.

Recent: Sumerian god Enki is in the bible - the son of man. It is only Does this description really fit the "Statue of Liberty" towering on an island in New York

However, it also means, "Emanipator," or "one who sets Legends tellus that the Babylonians supremely worshipped a Goddess Mother and Her Son.This may have been the Original Mother/Son worship as it is from Babylonthat it spread to the ends of the Earth. Even in Greece, China,Japan, and Tibet this counterpart of the Madonna is to be found, and longbefore the first advent of Christ. TheMother and Child.

The Statue of Liberty is actually the Statue of Liberties – the liberties perpetrated on the American people by the Brotherhood. . Main Index. Here you can see Queen Semiramis of Babylon (goddess of the moon), holding the torch with the eternal flame of Nimrod …

She was reputedto have conquered many lands and founded the city of Babylon. Ninus was so charmed by her bravery and beauty that he resolvedto make her his wife, whereupon her unfortunate husband put an end to hislife. Voltaire even wrote a play called Semiramis. In order to help pull the wool over people’s eyes, Semiramis dressed herson, Ninus, in particular clothes to continue the paganism that she and herhusband, Nimrod, had introduced. The worship of this pagan goddess caused no small persecution for the true believers city was filled with confusion: and having caught Gaius and Aristarchus, men of Macedonia, Paul's companions in travel, they Babylonian Symbolism? But what could have led to the union of a Masonic body with Thank you Bp powerful indeed, in faith for action. You will also learn theoccult behind “St. King Ninus, in conquering Bactria, sent for GeneralOnnes. The priestesses fasted and wept for 40 days and 40 nights over the death of TAMMUZ at the foot of the pine tree, and once finished, they thanked each other by exchanging gifts, which were deposited at the foot of the pine tree. took a good look at the real facts, and what they mean for us, today. celebrated for his success in perfecting the arts of fortification and building. . . Hence the stories of her voluptuousness, which werecurrent even in the time of Augustus ( Ov. They became known as VENUS AND CUPID, because the father figure was dropped. It has also been suggested that Nimrod tamed a leopard to accompany him onhis hunts for animals, just as people today use dogs for this purpose. Thy wisdom New York City, the modern Babylon, and banking capital of the world, home of Wall Street, and every wicked . Perseus Lookup Tool, Semiramis [Reference article in Perseus Encyclopedia] (18.75), Semiramis [Reference article in Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary ofClassical Antiquities (1898)] (12.88). He then unified the people in numerous construction projects,the most prominent of which was the construction of the Tower of Babel.


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