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Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Just a few days back in a Gurgaon Pub (near New Delhi), there was a Police raid in which they found hundreds of School children (mostly in the age of 15-18), partying hard with loud music on, liquor bottles in hands and joints being smoked freely. A young boy is seduced by a woman who later turns him into a gigolo (male prostitute). [4] Times of India gave the movie 2.5 stars out of 5. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. But times have changed. 16 of 17 people found this review helpful. But I've said enough. It is mostly this pair that is preyed at the carnival--and mostly sexually of course--but (for better or worse) this movie really fails up to live up to its lurid alternate title "The Young Prey".At times the movie seems to be trying to be a comedy such as when the mother tells a town magistrate that she named her oldest son J.C., not after Jesus Christ, but because there was a sale at J.C. Penney's the week he was born.

Her sixteenth birthday is on the way, but Melissa turns out to be a suspect when it seems she's the last person who has seen her boyfriends alive. Looking for something to watch? Tanisha finds out that Vikram is leaving for London soon.

But while the actors are not voluptuous "Lil Abner"-esquire caricatures typically found in these kinds of movies, they don't really look "sixteen" either, let alone as young and impossibly naive as they act. Sixteen is a story about lost innocence and teenage heartache in urban India. (Of course, I LIKE early 70's weirdness, but others may prefer a movie with more broad comedy and hillbilly sex). attempt to escape from the girls' mobster uncle with $400,000 in stolen loot, and meet nefarious characters while dodging a bickering pair of enforcers. Mayhem ensues. writes Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV. Times of India gave the movie 2.5 stars out of 5. Sixteen is a 2013 Hindi erotic drama thriller film directed by Raj Purohit and starring Rohan Mehra and Zakir Hussain. The youngest son called "Brother" looks vaguely familiar and I think was an early 70's TV actor.

We ... See full summary ». Tanisha and Ashwin are best friends, but Ashwin has a crush on Tanisha, while she sees him only as a friend. Use the HTML below. Anu humiliates him badly and leaves. Its first half keeps progressing calmly with many occasional brilliant moments and then loses the grip post intermission due to too many sub-plots being tackled together. Light-hearted and occasionally unclothed adaptation of a British comic strip in the over-the-top, on-beyond-Bond spy fantasy vein. But in order to reach its desired target audience, the film desperately needed a great energetic hit song which could bring in that young crowd in the theater on whom the film is entirely based upon.Therefore in absence of any instantly catchy song and heavy promotional campaign, SIXTEEN will remain one of those genuine & well acted small attempts which will eventually find it hard to reach its young viewers.

While executing their plan, Ashwin is confronted, and is about to kill the old man when he says that his son is an IAS Officer. Title: A beautiful lonely girl named Melissa tries to make new friends from a town she's currently living in. Two college freshmen unknowingly become part of a scheme to create superior humans through genetic engineering. (1972). Sixteen They live in a palace watching the path of history from a far point of view. Plus one of its tracks around the father -son relationship goes over the top too with an unexpected tragic twist in its storyline. Francesca is a beautiful blonde 16 year old. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. This FAQ is empty. She soon learns, these scars run much deeper than the surface. The invitation of the party was reportedly passed on through FACEBOOK & WHATS Up accounts which deliberately targeted 'School Kids' in particular charging a fixed amount for the booze and eatables provided.Now this is exactly one of the many problems of the youth depicted in this well intentioned film SIXTEEN, which tries to present it quite realistically with many shocking dialogues, never been used before in a Hindi Film Script till date. Tanisha kisses Ashwin on the cheek, indicating that she has started liking him. The only problem is, each of the boys that she spends time with end up brutally murdered. Brad Pitt and Keira Knightley both scored early roles in scary movies. Most of us lose focus and give up.

They decide on abortion, but due to some complications, Nidhi is shifted to another hospital. Welcome to sixteen's world.

When his mother sends him to Queens to stay with his ... See full summary ».

Those energetic years, when innocence is eager enough to give away to boldness and so called adulthood in a fast mode. It's 1955 and curious 14-year-old Bronx kid Lenny has a mission for his summer: to witness two adults in the midst of an "act of love." Check this out if it sounds interesting to you. rated the movie a 4/5 while Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama rated the movie 3/5 and observed that, "Sixteen is well intentional and tackled relevant issues". Add the first question. ... See full summary ». So in case you cannot find the spirit to watch it in the theaters then do try to catch it on DVD once it gets released in the home video market in the next few weeks. On the same day, Ashwin's father finds porn on his computer and beats him up. See who else started out in horror films. Follows the love story of a boy and a girl. Welcome to sixteen's world.

Add the first question.

His mother falsely confesses that she did it and takes the blame. Nidhi is going out with Kartik. When her parents divorce, she moves in with her mother Mara and her new lover Sergio. Was this review helpful to you? Tanisha is mature for her age and likes handsome guys with a good sense of humour and intelligence. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The older daughter is played by a pretty enough actress (even if she won't make anyone forget about "Daisy Mae Clampet" or "Daisy Duke" ).
Was this review helpful to you? As a means to distract herself from an affair, a love-addicted woman befriends a cleaning lady, badly scarred by burns. The not so memorable soundtrack hinders the pace regularly with few avoidable songs but the dialogues keep impressing the viewer a lot right till the end. Use the HTML below. A female rival of Nidhi, Anu and Tanisha tells Nidhi's mother why she actually is in hospital. writes Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV. With the outbreak of WWII, the sudden call to arms will send the men of a family's estate to the front, leaving a curious adolescent alone with the remaining women of the house, in need of a warm embrace and, possibly, a daring kiss. What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Two rebellious sisters and a crooked P.I. Hans a young German journalist arrives in London to write an article about au-pair girls, but is requested by friends to investigate the whereabouts of their teenage daughter Greta. She has to stay there for two days. Welcome to sixteen's world.

But, the question remains, how long can you fake true love? Along with the younger brigade, Zakir Hussain is great as usual and both Prabhleen & Keith Sequeira put up a cool act together. (2013). In short, once the film is over, you just feel like having seen something good and better than many big over hyped projects but still not anything exceptionally great or path breaking.In the performance section, SIXTEEN has many likable acts by its entire young cast including Izabelle Leite, Wamiqa Gabbi, Mehak Manwani, Rohan Mehra, Highphill Mathews and Varun Jhamb. Anu changes her boyfriends all the time. The school days, when the young ones are willing to try anything just for experiencing it once in an adventurous mode but cannot see its drastic consequences due to their short sightedness.

The comedy falls flat though usually and the movie falls back on it's generic early 70's weirdness. To make things more complicated, even Tanisha's aunt develops feelings for Vikram and reveals them to him, Anu comes to know that her parents are in an open marriage and is devastated, and after a few days, Nidhi suspects that she is pregnant. She lives with her aunt since her parents died in an accident. Title: The scene in the pub shocked the policemen hugely and then they decided to call all the parents of the kids at the spot to show them the result of their liberty given. Ashwin's gang decides to rob a house whose only occupant is an old man.

Once upon a time, it was the age of innocence, the age of sweetness, the age when one had the first ... 9 of 12 people found this review helpful. He attends St. Lawrence High School and is friendly with Vasu, Sudhir and Javed, and... See full summary ». Nidhi lies to her mother about where she is. Delhi-based Rohan Sood lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his businessman dad, Shekhar, and mom, Renu. A world where growing up has speeded up multifold times. Thoughtfully directed by Raj Purohit, it can easily be called a decent attempt to showcase the sweet, energetic yet tough & indecisive years of the youth in the age group of 15-18. Sidharth, his best friend Sam and their gang of friends rediscover bonds of friendship and love. "Runaway, Runaway" or "The Pick-Up").There are certainly some exploitative scenes. The age, when life and all its important emotions are being discovered for the first time like friendship, ambition, love, lust, sex and infatuation. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. An under-aged couple fall in love, face opposition from the girl's wealthy parents, elope, and go on the run from the police. This was part of a strange cycle of early 70's movies focusing on rural Southern hillbillies--"hicks-ploitation" flicks you might call them. "Simple but never simple-minded, this is a must watch. " Vikram has written a novel named 'Sixteen' which is nominated for the Booker Prize finals. Ashwin runs away from his house, and the next day, is confronted by a gang of young criminals, who induct him into their gang. Bored of their wives, best friends, Meet, Prem and Amar, reunite after three years and decide to have an affair - but instead become the prime suspects in a murder investigation.


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