strongest (alan walker lyrics meaning)

This interpretation is not to say that sexual development is bad. I: Ice breaking breaks G (hypnosis) The big wide world (B) is the world of flesh tempting humans to sin. A: Lily })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Elements to Interpret: Lily(A) is the American People. So when a predator comes to them promising them the world and saying all the right things (cause the predator is practiced at this) they fall prey. The setting sun is symbolic of the beauty and mystery of life. Mountain High and valley low are the full spectrum of sexual experience / practice that she desires to experience. He told her not to worry and follow everywhere I go.

Lily (A) is a fallible human. Ina Wroldsen says that this track is based on the real-life experience of one of her friends. They are corrupted by demons, and I feel Lily is the cross between the good and bad. The big wide world (B) is the worlds complexity and abundance of ways to go wrong / to interpret the world. But later those people, when found control over her, started using her (as making her do labour/ robbing her innocence). Alan Walker - Strongest (remix) (traducción letra en español) - You sit there with that look on your face like you won / Like nothing that I say is gonna change how you feel now / You sit there and you tell me you fell.

Thanks for watching! And now she tries to go back when it's too late. People who tries to warn her are her friends or family. Lily (A) is a Princess living in a castle (C) being protected by her parents from the harsh world (B). Sadly, I think it’s clearly about a young girl trapped by a pimp. Original lyrics of On My Way song by Alan Walker. The story / dream (F) is her hopes / dreams of a fulfilled sex life. The thin ice that broked is her realising how hard it is really is, how cruel it can really be. I also think it could be her getting posessed by the darker side (just my opinoin). H: Letting the creature in / creature controlling lily / hypnosis The original version of the song came out about a month earlier, on 27 October 2017. Lyrics to Strongest [Alan Walker Remix] by Ina Wroldsen from the album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ The song was released on 27 October 2017 and has peaked at number 2 in Norway. In my humble opinion i feel like this song is about a little girl(im considering both genders btw) is tryinna take control of her/his own mind (aka the childs' mind/ teenage mind thats easy to manipulate) thats being time to time controlled by creepy pedophiles or narcissistic people.
The flight is your futile effort to suppress your subconscious. Lily succumbs to the enchantment but when walking over a frozen body of water the ice breaks, breaking the spell (I). The creature (E) are people telling the war can easily be won, industrialists speaking of national honor but hoping to profit from the war. Explore 1 meaning and explanations or write yours.

Lily (A) is Europe between before 1914 and 1945. var opts = {
Alan Walker: Lily Meaning. The woods and the creatures hiding in it (D&E) are nationalism, racism, imperialism, militarism, communism which unseen threaten the entire continent to be thrown into chaos and war. adunit_id: 100001411, Creatures hiding in the dark (E) are populists, conspiracy theorists, communists, whoever main stream /the public deemed as unsavory, not fit to be seen with. Witch a abusive partner would possibly say to make them feel comfortable but still being able to slip in the fact that they are superior. Lily(A) is a girl growing up, becoming a woman an sexually active. Creatures hiding in the dark are meant to be the bad people in the world. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. She left to the woods. Whether she gets enchanted again is unclear. So by the woods they mean society. "Strongest" is a song recorded by Norwegian singer and songwriter Ina Wroldsen.


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