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[18], The 1921 Census report stated that Kashmiri Muslims formed 31% of the Muslim population of the entire princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. Some disenchanted Sunnis, such as notable Sunni scholar, Sheikh Yaqub Sarfi, went to the court of Akbar and invited the Mughals to conquer Kashmir and overthrow Chak rule on certain conditions. [citation needed], The lifting of the ban witnessed a stampede, it appeared as if a bund had suddenly collapsed, for a sea of humanity, drawn from every town and village, was moving towards the snow clad passes, on their way to the land of hope – the British India...the migration was so extensive that according to the 1891 census Report of Punjab, 1,11,775 Muslims born in Kashmir were counted as having settled in the Punjab. Part II: Imperial and State Tables. The Kashmir Valley is known as the ‘Pir Waer’, meaning the ‘Alcove of Sufis and Saints’. {{Sfn-ua|Puri, Balraj (June 2009), "5000 Years of Kashmir", Epilogue, 3 (6), pp. [121], Due to rising militancy in early 1989, approximately 300,000[122][123][124] to 600,000[125][126] Kashmiri Hindus have also fled to neighbouring states and to other parts of Jammu and Kashmir since 1989. Notable members of the Kashmiri Hindu diaspora in India include former Indian Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

Tombs of Sufi saints draw devotees of all faiths. [120], Since the 1990s approximately 35,000 Kashmiri Muslims from Indian administered Kashmir have fled to Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Vasudha Venugopal, ET Bureau Last Updated: Mar 15, 2020, 11:47 PM IST. The 1881 Census notes that the distribution of these Kashmiri sub-divisions do not appear to follow any rule. [46][11] However, due to the administrative experience of Kashmiri Pandits, the Afghans utilised their services.

Sufism in Kashmir.
He ruled until 1551, when he was killed in an outbreak of revolt by Chaks, who became the main force by this time. [48], In 1819 Kashmir came under Maharajah Ranjit Singh's Sikh Empire and Sikh rule over Kashmir lasted for 27 years till 1846. The Sufism in Kashmir also developed a unique indigenous aspect of its own known as Rishism which then spread through the poetry of Shaikh Nooruddin Noorani and works of his successor rishis. Hence the mammoth funeral processions of slain militants.


[58], Kashmiri cuisine holds a unique place among different world cuisines.

George Foster, who visited Kashmir during the Afghan rule, documented the oppression of Kashmiris by Afghans. They changed demography by rapes, loot arson, maas murders and other secular activities not reported by media like mass exodus of pundits. [50] Scholar Christopher Snedden states that the Sikhs exploited Kashmiris regardless of religion. Wir wollten uns gerade zurückziehen, als uns ein älterer Mann zum Bleiben aufforderte. The central mosque, Jama Masjid, was closed for 20 years and Muslims were prohibited from issuing the azan (call to prayer). Will Kashmir’s unique identity survive in this turbulent neighborhood? [101] The 1931 Census report explains that the 'phenomenal' increase in the number of Kashmiri Muslims by 556,018 was due to several other castes such as Hajjam, Hanji, Sayed being merged into the community. Subscribe to The Frontline now and get unlimited access.

[61], Wingate and Lawrence both spent time in the rural areas of Kashmir and documented the tensions between the Kashmiri Muslim cultivators and the Kashmiri Pandits. Prof Rafiabadi deliberates about the reconciliation of Sufism with Islam as the great work of Imam Ghazzali of whom Prof. Rafiabadi is an ardent disciple.

[4] Kashmiri literature dates back to over 750 years, comparable to that of most modern languages.

Tombs of Sufi saints draw devotees of all faiths. During the day they wandered through the streets in search of work.

[84], In contrast, the introduction of Salafism to Kashmir only goes back to a hundred years.

While many histories of Kashmir consider the Kashmir Valley's incorporation into Mughal India as a decline of Kashmiri independence and cultural identity, Chitralekha Zutshi argues that Kashmiri poets began to consciously articulate their sense of regional belonging during the Mughal rule. Sufism in Kashmir imbibed Hindu and Buddhist influences.

Vol. Wir könnten uns in einem hinteren Teil des Raums hinsetzen und so beten, wie es uns gefiel. The label "Dardic" indicates a geographical label for the languages spoken in the northwest mountain regions, not a linguistic label. [71] Zutshi states that Kashmiri Muslims settled in the Punjab maintained emotional and familial links to Kashmir and sensed an obligation to struggle for the freedom of their people in the Valley[112], Almost the entire of East Punjab's Muslim population migrated to Pakistan after the partition of India. “We told him about how the situation in Kashmir is improving … XXIV: Jammu and Kashmir State. [58] Kashmiris settled for generations in the Punjab were disqualified from taking advantage of the Punjab Land Alienation Act,[58] and most Kashmiri families in Punjab did not own land. Salafis remained on the fringes of Kashmir's religious and cultural life since belief in the local traditions of Sufi Islam was very strong in the Valley. The COVID-19-induced lockdown and the absolute necessity for human beings to maintain a physical distance from one another in order to contain the pandemic has changed our lives in unimaginable ways.
[59] Walter Lawrence described the conditions of the Valley's peasantry as being 'desperate' and noted that the Valley's peasantry attributed their miseries to the Maharajah's deputies rather than the rulers themselves. Access the exclusive Economic Times stories, Editorial and Expert opinion, Sharp Insight-rich, Indepth stories across 20+ sectors. Save. [28] His son, Sayyid Muḥammad Hamadani, encouraged Kashmir's Muslim ruler Sikandar Butshikan (who reigned from 1389–1413) to enforce Islamic law and establish the office of Shaykh al-Islam i.e. According to Prem Nath Bazaz the effect of the Sikh rule was that the people of the valley came to be known as 'zulum parast' (those who worship tyranny), lost their military culture and were weakened and made docile. [102][103], The 1931 Census report stated that the Butt, Dar, Ganai, Khan, Lone, Malik, Mir, Pare, Rather, Shah, Sheikh and Wain were the most important sub-castes among Kashmiri Muslims. The centralisation of financial resources has intensified under the Modi government, as seen in the transition to GST and its response to the revenue shortfall of States amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes, while crossing the mountains, these people were perishing as a result of difficult passes, snowstorms, etc. [52] Kashmiri histories also emphasise the wretchedness of life for common Kashmiris during the Sikh rule. Badruddin Muqeem's work covers The City of Temples (Jammu), The land of the Gompas (Ladakh) as well as the Dargahs in the Valley.

The Kashmir Valley is known as the ‘Pir Waer’, meaning the ‘Alcove of Sufis and Saints’.

Many ethnic Kashmiris also settled throughout Pakistan, both historically and since the First Kashmir War. These conditions included a guarantee of Kashmiri rights such as freedom of religion for all of Kashmir's population. Kashmir has been the cradle of Sufism in South Asia. According to M.J. Akbar, the clash of cultures between Delhi and Kashmir resulted in Kashmiris wishing for nothing more than to be left alone. . Scholar Ayesha Jalal states that Kashmiris faced discrimination in the Punjab as well. An introduction describes the growth of Sufism in Islam. Get full access to 22 years old archives.


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