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Along with the ability to import the previous year’s return, you also have W-2 import to make the process even quicker. Trustpilot: Learn more about TaxSlayer’s TrustScore and how customers rate TaxSlayer at The default ADMIN Account Role will be used to manage permissions for preparers as well as manage preparer usernames and passwords. You will need to upgrade to another filing option to claim most deductions or credits. You can manually enter the Validation Code or copy and paste it into the space provided in the Firm Information Menu. This could include contractors, freelancers, small business owners and other self-employed filers. Average federal refund: According to the IRS the average refund was $3,143 as of 2/22/19. During the initial configuration of the program, the you will be prompted to create a password and a security question and answer for the ADMIN account. This plan covers all major forms as well as all deductions and credits. This additional content and TaxAct’s great transparency may give it a leg up on TaxSlayer, albeit at a slightly higher cost. TaxSlayer offers a discount for active duty military personnel. Fees entered in to the Fees Menu will be used to calculate the total tax return fee that will appear on the Client Invoice. With innovation and a good experience being at the forefront of TaxSlayer’s goals, the service strives to give customers great software and technical support come tax season. To print the prior year return after completion, click on the Summary/Print tab (on navigation bar) and then click the View/Print Return button. The ADMIN Account username is ADMIN. The bottom line is that TaxSlayer is probably best for people who have a pretty good idea how to file their taxes and want to file online without spending too much. The next (and most popular) option is TaxSlayer Classic. It also has 100% accuracy and maximum refund guarantees like TaxSlayer. In addition to priority email and phone support, Premium grants you technical support via a live chat. You can pay your TaxSlayer preparation fees with a debit card or credit card. Several other premium options can be configured from the Premium Configuration Menu.

the absolute DOS path, i.e., the drive letter followed by a colon plus the directory location on the drive with each directory separated by a backslash. If you purchased TaxSlayer Pro Premium, the program will guide you through the process of configuring premium features. NerdWallet: Based on review of TaxSlayer’s software by NerdWallet. Now with more than 130 employees in its headquarters in Georgia, TaxSlayer is known as one of the most affordable tax planning services. To change the location, select Prior Path and enter the absolute DOS path, i.e., the drive letter followed by a colon plus the directory location on the drive with each directory separated by a backslash. In 2019, the form was updated again. The ADMIN Account Role cannot be edited.

File and Printer Sharing – Make sure that File and Printer Sharing is enabled in your network settings for your operating system and within your anti‐virus program. Start for free: TaxSlayer pricing is based on your tax situation and the type of support you want and varies by product. State returns are the standard price of $29. If your tax situation is a bit more complicated, you may still have to do some online research of your own. The drive must be plugged into the computer when working on returns. With TaxSlayer Pro, customers wait less than 60 seconds for in season support and enjoy the experience of using software built by tax preparers, for tax preparers. The traditional method is a more guided experience and is fit for more complicated finances. TaxSlayer also lays out the tax law changes going into effect for the current tax season. Next, enter the preparer’s SSN, PTIN, first name, middle initial, and last name. In 1998, was created by a company that offered traditional tax filing services. Select the Exit button when you have finished configuring your fees. The Classic option, which costs just $17 for your federal return and $29 per state return, gives you access to all major tax forms and all supported deductions.

But upgrading gets you extra benefits like audit assistance, priority support and access to a tax professional. This could include you if you’re comfortable doing some background research to answer any questions that arise. How do I change my Prior Year return after it has been accepted by the IRS. NOTE: If your initial startup of the program does not prompt you to log in, your program is experiencing issues and we recommend that you contact support immediately. If you enter any of these characters by mistake, the program will prompt you to remove them before continuing. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to find savings account that fit your criteria. Step 12 Exit Configuration – Once you have completed the initial configuration, TaxSlayer Pro will close to apply all the new settings to the program. If you are a first-time filer or if you just don’t feel confident about filing your taxes, TaxSlayer may be a bit too bare-bones for you. The preparer will create their own password when they log into the program for the first time. Select OK to proceed to the Preparer Edit Menu. A unique preparer code must be assigned to each preparer entered. You can always come back to the network setup options from the main menu of the program by selecting Configuration and then System/Network Configuration Menu. Drawback: TaxSlayer doesn’t have a lot of educational content and many of its extra features require a plan upgrade or paying extra. Here are a few items to consider when setting up the TaxSlayer Pro network: If you are not familiar with the information listed above, we suggest contacting a network or computer technician to assist with the network setup. So if you feel that you can handle filing on your own, without extra guidance, TurboTax probably won’t be worth the cost. What information do I enter to sign my return? An authorized IRS e-file provider, the company has been building tax software since 1989. If you would like to upgrade to TaxSlayer Pro Premium and take advantage of the TaxesToGo Mobile App, online client status, text messaging, and PaperCut, contact TaxSlayer Pro Sales at 1.888.420.1040. Secondary Backup Path - A secondary backup can be specified here if desired. The program includes a pre‐defined default ADMIN Account Role which is used to manage permissions for preparers as well as manage preparer usernames and passwords. The major drawback to TurboTax is the price, but if you have a complicated tax situation, TurboTax offers better guidance and more specialized filing options than TaxSlayer. (If you need to file multiple state returns, each beyond the first will cost you $29.)


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