togwaggle scheme

King Togwaggle is a recurring antagonist in the Warcraft spinoff Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Against fast decks it lowers the win rate too much. Lab Recruiter is stronger than this card, because it allows you to go infinite, while this card is actually limited. For example, Fal'dorei Strider is really stronger because it shuffle 4/4 on your decks that you need to draw but not to actually play. This thread is for comments about our Prince Arthas guide. Shuffle 1 copy of it into your deck. Flavor Text A staunch ally of Rafaam, at least while the shinies keep flowing. Stealth Galakrond Rogue JAlexander 4 months ago. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one.

This thread is for comments about our Prince Kael'thas guide. 189. Even worse then 1 mana do nothing, its 1 mana do nothing and lose a card. This thread is for comments about our Grommash Hellscream guide.

Heistbaron Togwaggle is a 6 Mana Cost Legendary Rogue Minion card from the Rise of Shadows set!.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

The fact is that both lab recruiter and togwaggle's scheme are slow, very slow. Jokes on you, I already do! Galakrond Stealth Rogue kKanai_ 2 months ago. Clear editor. The Lightforge rates it a 55 (terrible) and Heartharena rates it a 7 (terrible).   You cannot paste images directly. It can also fit into a Pirate Rogue deck. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. maniacal laughing.

At the beginning of this expansion I actually made it to legend hard running x2 dragon hoards and x2 vendettas. It's a dead card in most matchups, have fun queuing into dh and hunter with your togs scheme deck. Slow, not a whole lot of synergy, and lets be honest, not even that good when you hit something relevant with it. There's also no Dragonslayer-type card that can lose you the game on the spot when played against it. 26. And when they don't have it, you're the one that wasted 30 minutes of their life instead. You were usually forced to shuffle something small into your deck that you would never want to draw on a late turn, like a Harvest Golem.

Card Text. Today's card is Togwaggle's Scheme. Pogo-Hopper decks have recently gained popularity and this new Scheme card fits perfectly into them. He first appeared in Kobolds& Catacombs as the central antagonist, where he is the leader of many of the dungeon bosses who attack the adventurers. I was excited to be able to drop it on turn 2 so the battlecry wouldn't trigger at all. Viper tried it during last GM season. It can be a really good play mid-game, but those coins can come back to bite you later. Meh, this seems highly many of these "shuffle stuff in your deck"-cards mostly are when they get spoiled (I still remember this from Lab Recruiter or Baleful Banker). 10100. One is enough since even if you get it late you are still gonna have more cards in deck than your opponent - even after drawing with three wands of …

I like Soldier of Fortune. This thread is for comments about our Thrall guide. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Even then it’s a late game only card with a heavily delayed effect. If it doesn't end up being too much of a dead liability in fast matchups, it almost seems to single-card counter to any sort of minion that you have to work really hard to get or is strong … Shuffling in an extra copy would be largely irrelevant (why do you even still have a 3/2 in your hand at that point). Seeing the spider, or NOT seeing the spider, but knowing it’s somewhere in your deck? But still you HAD to play it because it's a 2-mana 3/2. Thanks to sc_superstar for the suggestion. Not on their own, but in terms of the minion they multiplicate, that stil needs to be drawn and played. It's a 1 mana rogue spell that reads: "Choose a minion. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

If not, you probably shouldn't have played lab recruiter. Then you know what you are drawing afterwards.

I for one have had decent success with scheme, which is why I wanted to see if anyone else had. It is in the top half of the 7th bucket and appears in ~2.5% of decks. I've even had opponents concede right after I've played this after shuffling 5+ bog creeper ettin or shovel fist into my deck. I agree with the first two matchups but scheme smashes priest and mage matchups. Togwaggle Druid Card Replacements. Flavor Text What’s worse? 11380. Fal’dorei Strider is a 4 Mana Cost Epic Rogue Minion card from the Kobolds and Catacombs set!.

Battlecry: Shuffle 3 Ambushes into your deck. Either 2 lab recruiter or 1 lab recruiter and Valeera the Hollow mean that you can have infinite copies of both lab recruiter and a minion of choice (or more than one with more time), a thing that is nice with minions like coldlight oracle or arcane giant in wild, and pogo-hopper in standard. I think this meta is too fast for shuffle effects to have any value, but if you had this card last year it might actually be not completely terrible. A lot of the Epic & Legendary cards you run are simply necessary, or so good that replacing them would result in a massive drop of win rate.

Funny, flavorful, and very memey. “Kinda” because this card does act as an excellent closer, but I would never hard run it. While I wouldn't just blindly pick this card anytime its offered. A new Scheme card for Rogue was revealed by @PlayHearthstone on Twitter. What do you guys think about this first card reveal from Rise of Shadows? 10. Stealth Galakrond Tyrano 3 months ago. I hesitate to call it great because it still feels bad giving your opponent coins, but most of the time I would rather have it over a yeti.

As Rogue, the game is pretty much over if you are playing out a Charged Devilsaur. Class can win game quickly, but as the game goes longer, chances are getting slim, unless you play infinite style rogue decks. 12. Could be 0 mana and would still be bad as it costs you a card. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Everything about Hearthstone's arena mode, Press J to jump to the feed. Display as a link instead, × Even against priest you lose by being out tempod pretty often which scheme doesnt help with. × This is why the only multiplicating deck working are mill ones (where the oracles can draw each others going on very fast) and miracle-like ones (where the auctioners can draw things like multiplied giants), and both are wild only. Yeah, it could be very powerful if you've got a control rogue, but that's a much harder archetype to draft than tempo rogue.

Shuffle 1 copy of it into your deck. The Lightforge rates it a 55 (terrible) and Heartharena rates it a 7 (terrible). More posts from the hearthstone community, For fans of Blizzard Entertainment's digital card game, Hearthstone, Press J to jump to the feed. The card also confirms King Togwaggle as an upcoming Rogue Legendary minion.

Uhm . Pogo-Hopper decks have recently gained popularity and this new Scheme card fits perfectly into them. This thread is for comments about our Garrosh Hellscream guide. N’Zoth Rogue NanoNasone 11 months ago. × 1 4: Heistbaron Togwaggle × 1 6

11300. Because scheme drags your winrate down against any other matchup. Legendaries. If you've got ample removal, card draw, and big taunts/healing, then sure, this is a pickable card. If you want an off meta tech card for rogue, I would recommend running dragon’s hoard. × If you want this card to work, you put it in a deck with Myra's Unstable Element. It's a 1 mana rogue spell that reads: "Choose a minion. On the other hand, I quite liked Lab Recruiter in the last meta, playable on its own and if you combo it later with a Charged Devilsaur or something like this, you could actually live long enough to see the value. In general, Togwaggle Druid is a really expensive deck, but you can’t do much about it.   Pasted as rich text. I've had several very control oriented rogues where I can toss this on a high impact minion and really improve my draws. More importantly, lab recruiter is sometimes awkward to run: shadowstep lab recruiter for 6 takes up value, 2 costs are annoying with big minions, and if you are willing to commit shadowstep to lab recruiter, you probably have enough tempo to wait a few more turns to use togwaggle's scheme. Feel free to discuss anything related to the card.   Your previous content has been restored. Now that we know that Scheme cards can update infintely, Togwaggle's Scheme looks absolutely insane. This is not novel, many people have tried this and it's terrible. That's incredible, I didn't notice Togwaggle's Scheme is able to target enemy minions. Welcome to another arena card discussion thread. But if you're missing any of those, this card becomes much tougher to get any value out of. It was predictably bad. If you'd like to suggest a card for a future thread, please let me know. Togwaggle's Scheme × 2 1: Eviscerate × 2 2: Sap × 2 2: Shiv × 2 2: Edwin VanCleef × 1 3: EVIL Miscreant × 2 3: Fan of Knives × 2 3: SI:7 Agent × 2 3: WANTED! Upload or insert images from URL. And as we saw with Shadowcaster, and Anub'arak to some extent, they don't work in Rogue. Unlimited Kronxes, unlimited power!

Now that we know that Scheme cards can update infintely, Togwaggle's Scheme looks absolutely insane. I don’t think rogue is that great of a ( late game ) control class anyways because of the heropower. Putting one togwaggle's scheme into your Galakrond deck enables you to play maximum amount of unreal draw you can imagine. A lot of people have been comparing it to Jade Idol.The card is also pretty bonkers in Wild as well in the hands of Mill Rogue. If your opponent kills it before you attack with it, they get nothing. When it comes to facing slow decks I will try and discover it from my lackies, but otherwise I think it’s too slow.


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