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This was on only a few movies to begin with (notably Deliverance, The Candidate, and Super Fly) and has usually been plastered with the 1984 logo in any of its variations, so it's hard to say. Cheesy Factor: Not bad, but the cartoons themselves could have been better. Here's a listing: Availability: Surprisingly becoming rarer than ever in recent years, mainly due to the fact that Looney Tunes cartoons are no longer rerun on TV. In 1944, this was changed to “PRODUCED BY WARNER BROS. CARTOONS” and then "A WARNER BROS. On some tapes from 1981-1986, the background is white and the warning has the "Title 17" text. On post-late-1998 tapes, the background becomes darker, the warning text is in a Helvetica font and in two paragraphs, a colon is placed next to ". Music/Sounds: None, or the opening of the movie. line coincidentally timed almost impeccably to match the bouncing of the "OO"s in the word "CARTOON". The 2005 DVD and 2007 Blu-ray releases of Bullitt, and current prints of Charro, The Wild Bunch, and Chisum have their logos intact/restored. January 16-December 11, 1998: The original 75th Anniversary version of this logo used a wind-blowing chime theme. Although it no longer appears on movie releases, it is still used on releases of television shows such as Adventure Time, Growing Pains, and Supernatural. This was discovered on a French tape of The Perfect Storm.

Low (closing titles– the remnants of the dog barking sound effect as the titles fade to black can be off-putting to some, especially if the film's tail end is accompanied by crackling and popping). This was discovered on a Polish tape of Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home. Below the WB shield are the words "Produced with WESTERN ELECTRIC apparatus". 1998 VHS, Opening To Aladdin And His Magic Lamp 1992 VHS-0, Chronical Video Library- New Zeland VHS Opening, Opening To Stanley The Ugly Duckling 1984 VHS, FBI Interpol (OIPC) Warning Screen (Warner Home Video version) -English & Français-, Warner Home Video 1983 Warning (French Canadian), FBI Warning Screen (Warner Home Video version 4-3), New FBI Warning Screen (100 video upload special), 2012 FBI Anti Piracy Warning Screens and 2004 MPAA Rated PG, Ultra Rare Warner Bros Warning screen from France and Warner Home Video logo. The closing music is the same as the 1964 version. The words "WARNER BROS TELEVISION" is at the top, while "A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY" is at the bottom. The shield then closes. The three yellow lines now disappear at the same time, as the W7 logo "draws" itself (see the W7 film logo), and the shield appears around it. Music/Sounds: A truncated version of the wind-blowing theme from the 1998 theatrical logo or the end theme of a show. Editor's Note: This is a very famous and well-liked logo. Availability: Seen on United Artists films from Warner Home Video. Exclusively seen on the original 1989 UK retail and rental VHS of Rain Man. As of August 1, 2016 on Boomerang, some cartoons from this era have aired, nearly 10 years since this logo was last seen on American television. The background was the circles/bullseye used in the studio logo. Behind the drum is a curtain background.

In some cases, the text appears to scroll at a faster rate. The 1994 WBTV low-tone version theme with the 2003 open-matted "Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures" logo appears on shows like, The "Produced and Distributed by" variant is somewhat rare and can be seen on the short-lived series. In the box is the following: on top is the no symbol (a red circle with a diagonal line) which has "SUPPORT ANTI-PIRACY" in very small white letters on the circle. Closing Logo: It started with the "That's all Folks!" FX/SFX: The text's scrolling-and-stopping cycle. Founded in 1933 as Leon Schlesinger Productions, it was sold to Warner Bros. in 1944, who continued to operate it as Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc. until 1963. The 1979-1980 prints of these shorts plastered its opening WB shield and closing IDs with the more contemporary "bullseye" design (in most cases taken from the 1956 short Deduce, You Say), but the audio remained intact. This can be seen in the 1983 TV movie, It's still saved on most 1972-1984 shows, including reruns of, Surprisingly, the later version of the syndication logo appears on the WCI Home Video releases of, It's also seen on the 1st season (1983-84) of, The "Distributed By" version with the smaller \\' logo also once appeared on USA reruns of, This logo was originally seen at the end of the 1st season of, On older Family Channel (now Freeform) reruns of, Also, the "Distributed By" version was also used on a few season 4 episodes, either following the 6th logo or plastering it. Availability: Appears on Australian VHS and DVD releases by the company, as well as MGM's Australian releases from 1990 to 2000, such as Rush.

Shout! Although the next logo was introduced in 1998, this logo was still used until Time Warner was eventually purchased by America Online in 2001. Nickname: “The Abstract WB”, "What the Hell?". Warner Bros. Family Entertainment is the kids and family film label of Warner Bros. Entertainment, itself a subsidiary of WarnerMedia.

Jerome known as the Porky Signature is used. The "Norman Normal" variant is available, fully restored, on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6 DVD release, the standard variant can be seen on the two "Bunny and Claude" shorts on the Looney Tunes Super Stars Porky & Friends DVD, and the early variant (unrestored) can be found on the 1967 short Merlin the Magic Mouse on the Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles DVD/Blu-ray set. This was not how the cartoons originally started, and was an error made during the colorizations. On some films from 1985 to 1990, such as, June 8, 1984-May 25, 1990: Same as the previous logo. Music/Sounds: None, same as the first UK warning.

The one with the AOL Time Warner byline can be found on pre-2003 films like, The prototype Time Warner byline was rare and appeared on, The WarnerMedia byline version first appeared on the teaser trailer for, May or may not be plastered by the Toho logo on Japanese prints of. Below it, in black, are the words "A HUGH HARMAN-RUDOLF ISING SOUND/MUSICAL CARTOON/PRODUCTION", and "Licensed under BRAY-HURD patents". Sometimes on some shows like TMZ and Extra have the logo fade in. Closing Title: Superimposed on a special background or sometimes on the last scene of the movie, the huge words "The End" (with font varying on a movie) fade in, with the "WB" shield bug and "A WARNER BROS. PICTURE" in small letters below, but sometimes, due to the deal between WB and First National Pictures, the disclaimer was "A WARNER BROS.-FIRST NATIONAL PICTURE", or it was sometimes shortened to "A FIRST NATIONAL PICTURE" with the WB shield bug intact.

script with the original closing music from whatever short's end title was originally there. But the first cartoon, "Sinkin' in the Bathtub", actually had an animated opening. https://closinglogosgroup.miraheze.org/w/index.php?title=Warner_Bros._Television&oldid=35231, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Later Studio Logo: The standard Warner Bros. Productions Corp. logo takes place on a background similar to a ship's porthole.
"Lumber Jack-Rabbit": Different "twang" sound when the shield zooms in and a banging sound effect when it returns to it's normal position, with the 1946 theme used. FX/SFX: The zooming in of the shield, along with the effects that vary from each show. Just the corresponding sound effects of the action, which varies from show to show. Logo: On a background similar to the last logo, a bannerless WB shield is seen, with the design being closer to the classic WB shield.

Porky Pig’s head is in the center. The "W7" is often drawn on-screen, a la the NBC Snake, although it's a still logo on a few films. On Continental Video and Cinema Group Home Video releases, it has an orangish-schemed version on some releases. The studio made its small screen debut with Warner Bros. Presents on September 20, 1955. It was seen on a few made-for-TV features such as the original 1974.

Note: The print and on-screen logos are seen. line. The font is same as the last one, but Daffy jumping and dancing across the end title card. Music/Sounds: "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" is still used during this period. Music/Sounds: Usually the beginning of the movie's theme, or a majestic horn sounder, composed by Max Steiner. : This closing logo features the 1984 shield with the banner inscription updated to match that of the current opening logo; the words "Distributed by" appear over the shield with the URL address underneath the byline. For later cartoons, the theme is faster-paced.

In 1944, below the "WARNER BROS.", "PICTURES INC." is added. In some cases, the "That's all, folks!"

As the Road Runner zips out, Bugs chuckles and continues "Like the bird says, this has been a Warner Bros.-Seven Arts television presentation." This is basically the last 7 notes of the "Merry-Go-Broke-Down" jingle from Looney Tunes. Sometimes, one of the characters' heads would be seen on the series logo. Music/Sounds: "I Think You're Ducky" composed by Gerald Marks, Sidney Clare, and Charles Tobias. The end titles originally used Big Ben chiming instead of music, and then a tricycle horn honking for the OO animation. They do this action two to three times. The end titles originally used Big Ben chiming instead of music, and then a tricycle horn honking for the "OO" animation.

A slight variation of the end theme, with a livelier finish, was used on The Wacky Wabbit and Peck Up Your Troubles, as well as the Blue Ribbon version of Tick Tock Tuckered. Same closing theme as November 1938 version. Several cartoons featuring this logo are available on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6 DVD release. Sparsely used for Blue Ribbon reissues.

FX/SFX: As with LT Logos 1 and 2, there's not much animation. Below the shield, "WARNER BROS.-SEVEN ARTS" is seen. On occasion, a dramatic 7-note horn fanfare is played. For the first few cartoons with this logo, it is altogether with the cartoon title card.
March 1969-May 1969: Opening theme sparsely modified, sounding like a hybrid of the October 1967 and June 1968 themes. Closing theme is the same. Nicknames: "Television WB Shield", "Shield of Staleness", "The Shield Returns". On NTA Home Entertainment/Republic Pictures Home Video releases, the background is coral pink. (where the 10th logo preceded this one).

Over the shield is a banner that reads "WARNER BROS. PICTURES, INC." Below the logo is the word "Presents" in script.

It's been spotted on the DVD releases of Yu-Gi-Oh! Music/Sounds: No background music. The background is the famous "bullseye".

The cloud background is more computer generated.


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