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(uncredited) Everyone has become captivated with an addictive new cell phone app. / America: The Motion Picture. Cat plays a prank on Sam with a pair of twins she's taking care of, so Sam uses her own twin, Melanie, to play a prank on Cat. A chronicle of the 22-year career of soccer star Roberto Baggio, including his difficult debut as a player and his deep rifts with some of his coaches.

Sam and Cat order items online just to have them delivered by drone, until one of the drones accidentally makes off with a baby they're watching. (1 episode, 2014), Hospital Patient (1 episode, 2016), Navy Officer

Sam and Cat take care of an accident-prone kid named Oscar. In #MommaGoomer it is implied Goomer is Dice's best friend. (uncredited)

(1 episode, 2018), Bank Manager He's big, strong, and he's crazy fast." Gieux MerrGoût Merr (French)Goo Merr (Italian), GoomerUncle FudgeGooms (by Dice)A giant dude (by Sam), Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLouisiana (formerly), French Father (possibly adoptive)Mrs. Merr (adoptive mother), Zoran KorachJoel Kramer (stunt double in #WeStealARockStar). (uncredited) (uncredited) (uncredited) Sam opens the safe in her room and finds a tunnel leading to a secret room; Cat films herself for a day to show her future self 10 years later. In #OscarTheOuch, Goomer gets mad at Dice for "cheating" on him by thinking that Dice was training another fighter but forgives him when Dice gives him a $9 watch. / (1 episode, 2018). (2 episodes, 2014-2015), Manager Anton Eksteritsky (1 episode, 2015), Street Guitarist (1 episode, 2015), UN Delegate (1 episode, 2015), Russian Thug (1 episode, 2014), Las Vegas Police Officer Merrick (uncredited)

More TV Shows & Movies. It is shown that Goomer is very close to Dice.

/ Principal Pastorneck (2 episodes, 2015) Leslie David Baker. (uncredited) (1 episode, 2016), Lounging Pool Patron

After getting electrocuted by an MRI machine, an ambitious young medical student begins to hear the thoughts of others. He may have a fondness for fudge, as he wanted to be called Uncle Fudge when he pretended to be, He thinks that when he enters and leaves, he says, "Come in. A competing baby-sitting service publishes false and malicious comments about Sam and Cat, prompting the girls to confront their new rivals.

Dice starts managing Goomer in #NewGoat. / (uncredited) This documentary charts her journey. But jealousy soon rears its ugly head anyway. (4 episodes, 2016-2018), Sean O'Brien

(2 episodes, 2014-2015), Farmer Wife Goomer is good friends with Cat and they both share the same catchphrase, "Kay Kay". (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2014), Bosnian Rebel Gunrunner #3 Despite that, he is extremely nice and protective of the people he loves, such as his mother and Dice.

(uncredited) / /

Thug #1 (uncredited) Gieux Merr, better known as "Goomer", is a recurring character in Sam & Cat. (uncredited) The girls are hired to accompany two rowdy kids to the Bahamas, but Dice and Goomer's antics cause big trouble at the airport. (1 episode, 2015), Flight Attendant / His father is French so he was named Gieux despite the fact Gieux isn't a French or real name at all. (1 episode, 2015), Smoke Jumper Rick Garcia Adoring fans: The 20-year-old singer stood alongside Sam & Cat co-stars Cameron Ocasio and Zoran Korach as they accepted the award for Favourite TV Show The cartoon clutch! (2 episodes, 2014), Reporter #4 (uncredited) / Sam and Cat take care of a goat and try to win over their landlord's son, who wants them evicted; Dice starts managing Goomer, a dumb MMA fighter.

In Italian dub he is named "Goo" because is father is a lover of owls and he names them Goo Goo ("Gufi" is Italian for "Owls" and it pronounces "Goofi"). In Henry Danger, he works for Frankini. Farmer Wife / Walter's Mom / Walter's Mother (2 episodes, 2014) Julie Lancaster.

… (1 episode, 2017), Special Agent Elise Carey Sam and Cat rename their baby-sitting service to avoid confusion with a TV show, and they track down the show's creators to work out an old grudge. Zoran Korach and James Immekus. Sam and Cat argue over which one of them is a boy's favorite baby-sitter, and they start competing for his affections.

(uncredited) / Roommates Sam and Cat start a babysitting service and soon discover what an adventure the job can be. (uncredited) Kev's wife Cheryl is trying to get him back by pretending her sister's child is hers and his. Rajiv Joseph. (1 episode, 2015), Hotel Patron Cat drinks too much of a special herbal tea meant to help her study, only to wake up later with no memories and Sam's motorcycle gone missing. Max (1 episode, 2014) Raphael Sbarge. (2 episodes, 2015-2016), Undercover Soldier (4 episodes, 2014-2016), Thomas Foolery Sam and Cat baby-sit two British girls who turn out to be con artists; Sam tries to do her school community service requirement at Elderly Acres. In rural India, a child with hydrocephalus gets a chance at life-changing surgery after her photos go viral.

Jennette McCurdy Ariana Grande Cameron Ocasio Brandon Weaver Zoran Korach Dre Swain Maree Cheatham Eduardo Drummond Alondra Hidalgo. Goomer's mother has no idea that her son is an MMA fighter, and Sam and Cat try to convince her that Goomer is actually a high school teacher.

Sam and Cat have to convince a girl they're taking care of to give up her old stuffed toy, but this will be no easy task. Goomer may be good with animals as he caught a bird with his bare hands (which is very hard to do) in #GoomerSitting.

(1 episode, 2014), Casino Guest (uncredited) (uncredited)

https://samandcat.fandom.com/wiki/Goomer?oldid=140693. Farmer Slavomir (1 episode, 2014) Devan Long. ", It has been shown in an exclusive look of. (1 episode, 2014), Chinese National

Sam and Cat's adventures in Season 1 include getting a pet pygmy goat, tangling with rival baby-sitters and tracking down Sam's stolen motorcycle.

Desperate to find him, the girls ask their old nemesis Nevel for help. Sam and Cat take care of a kid who asks a lot of questions and another who always wants hugs; Sam and Cat try to keep their favorite show on the air. Young Megan O'Brien /

Sam and Cat take care of Goomer while Dice is away, but they mix up his medications and accidentally leave him blind before his big fight.

After making a bet that "lumpatious" is a real word, Sam and Cat go on a crusade to get their made-up expression into the dictionary. James Immekus. Moises Kaufman. Walter's Mom

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(1 episode, 2014), Hospital Security Guard ... A happily married man's life is turned upside down when his wife is killed in a mysterious hit-and-run accident in Tel Aviv. As an excuse to exchange gifts, Cat dreams up a new holiday: "Yay Day." (1 episode, 2014), Jeep Driver Goomer says his last manager quit because the manager told him he was too stupid to be managed.


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